Soul Directed Living Program

Soul Directed Living Program

Online Courses, Discussion Groups, Consultations, and Workshops all focused on helping you:

Understand Yourself – Cope With Stress – Accomplish Your Purpose

1 What is it?
2 Why Now?
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What is it?


Soul Directed Living is a wellness program like no other. It structures long term, mid term, and short term goal setting into a cohesive framework. This framework is based on soul level needs instead of what our head tells us we need.

  • The long term goals are major self identity journeys that seem like lifetimes in their experiences.
  • Mid term goals are based around singular questions and around processing emotions. This give us focus and also maintains your consistent personal growth.
  • Short term goals and practices revolve around optimizing daily life and overcoming our instinctual urges. 

In essence, your team of coaches and therapists work ON YOU. Soul Directed Living provides the vehicle for you to work ON YOURSELF. This movement away from deep dependency on others for our health and wellbeing towards self discovery, self sovereignty, and the natural progression of our soul journey in this lifetime is the goal.

Why Now?

Dissatisfaction Is Not An Acceptable Way Of Life

Lets stop living to the dictates of anything other than our own heart. Lets start living our bliss now! Today!

Covid-19 and our current political and financial climate have created the perfect time for making positive change. The world is shifting. Jobs are uncertain, health is uncertain, our expectations about the future may not come true. Lets join together to guide these changes so that they flow towards a future we desire.

Dissatisfaction Is Not An Acceptable Way Of Life
Free Intro Course

Get Started At Your Own Pace

Soul Directed Living is our flagship program for creating positive change and self directing our lives to achieve greater health and happiness. We offer a FREE short online course to all so they can get a hold of the breadth and scope of all Soul Directed Living has to offer.

It provides the foundation of many of the philosophical and structural strategies for wellness programs of all types to work in your life.

To get started, become a member of this site where you can access your personal profile and sign up for the Soul Directed Living Intro course. If you want to dive deeper, head on over to and join the community there.

Get Started At Your Own Pace
A Taste Of SDL

Emotions Process Slower Than We Want

Lets take a single example from our SDL (Soul Directed Living) program to highlight here:

We believe that significant upheavals in our lives are processed at a 9 month timeframe. That seems like an awfully long time, but an entire cycle is very often this long.

We have an event happen to us that has real impact emotionally. There is an initial phase of intense shock followed by an entire emotional cascade.

Then there is a coping, learning, and adapting phase that lasts usually 2-6 months.  This is where the majority of the work of processing the upheaval happens.

Finally there is a tapering tail of time where you have moved past the high impact of the upheaval but you still haven't finished digesting and resolving the emotions. This long tail is vitally important, and often overlooked.

SDL provides the structure to remind you to look back at the end to consciously help move onto the next phase. Few programs have this full cycle view and support.

SDL also works on 7 year "Lifetimes" of soul growth. Intrigued?

Emotions Process Slower Than We Want