Massage Descriptions

Massage Service Descriptions

1 Body Focus
2 Energy Focus
3 Mental Focus
4 Integration
Body Focus

Muscles, Systems, and More!

Don't overlook massage as a tool to access many different body systems. It's amazing for muscles, but offers much much more!!!

Therapeutic Massage is your go to for muscle pain, tightness and general postural strains. While we do not offer many of the techniques our therapists know as separate services to book, reflexology accesses organ health, myofascial massage changes your posture, sports massage gets you prepped for activity, and the list goes on. Any of these specific techniques that your therapist knows can be a part of our Therapeutic Massage

Lymphatic Massage moves stagnant fluids and restores balance to the soup every cell of your body lives in. Ayurvedic philosophy places an extreme importance on the lymph system for balancing all disease pathways.

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Muscles, Systems, and More!
Energy Focus

Emotional Health, Intuition, and the Subtle Body

This area of affect is one of the true gifts of massage; allowing us to access the energetic part of our being for health.

Guna Massages move life force energy and often create opportunities to witness your own mental and emotional reactions to being touched. This puts you in touch with memories, your critical filter and self identity where you can process deeply held emotions, memories and internal conflicts between different levels of your own consciousness.

Abhyanga uses rhythm and flow to balance primary energetic patterns. This balancing can reduce anger, fear, stubbornness and much more.

Ask your therapist if they do Reflexology or Craniosacral Techniques in their Therapeutic Massage.

  • Reflexology taps into subtle connections to access the whole being from your feet.
  • Craniosacral Massages balance the "primary pulse." We all know of our heartbeat, but the craniosacral pulse carries information from the deepest levels of our consciousness in the same way that blood carries oxygen to every cell of our body. 
Emotional Health, Intuition, and the Subtle Body
Mental Focus

Calm Your Mind

Believe it or not, massage services have a great deal of benefit for mental health, focus and stability.

Abhyanga and Guna Massage are filled with long connecting strokes that connect and reintegrate you, giving you a strong sense of groundedness, security and stability.

Swedish Relaxation massage gives deep rest. That gentle distracting massage stroke isn't JUST for pleasure and pampering. It distracts your mind from cares and worries allowing you to completely disengage from your stressful thoughts and habit patterns. This delectable massage provides a wonderful opportunity for regenerative mental rest.

The crown jewel of these (see what we did there?) would be Craniosacral Therapy. This massage focuses strongly on relieving central nervous system tension, creating even flow of cerebrospinal fluid throughout the entire skull and spine, and cleansing the lymph throughout the brain. Some of our therapists offer Craniosacral techniques in their Therapeutic or Guna Massages.

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Calm Your Mind

Massage Integrates You And
Integrates With Other Therapies

Even though we might only want to use massage for its power of relieving a muscle spasm, it absolutely helps to balance your other layers of being as well. All massages help physical, mental and emotional health no matter how focused they are.

As powerful as massage is, we fully appreciate that it alone cannot satisfy every need. Integrating massage into a larger program of service types, wellness lifestyle activities, and products is your most potent opportunity to truly achieving health and happiness.

Check out some of our deeper programming to find some fully integrated wellness plans that include massage, coaching, hypnotherapy, online courses and more!

Massage Integrates You And<BR> Integrates With Other Therapies


Surrender to the powerful soothing rhythms of this massage as they reconnect your body, emotions, and mind and release deeply buried tension. This technique calls for long sweeping half-body strokes that pull from the belly button and then off of the fingers or toes at a rhythmic pace. After this unifying wave of connecting strokes flow through you, pressure points are then held to release deeper muscle tightness. This process of rhythm followed by stillness repeats over and over again to create a deep therapeutic effect.

PLEASE NOTE: This massage is NOT a modest service. Due to the nature of the long connecting massage strokes that make up this technique, more of your body will be exposed and included than in typical western massages. We invite an open discussion about which sensitive areas (hips, belly, breast, armpits) you wish to have included and how to do so to your comfort levels. We ask you to disrobe fully for this service with no bracelets, necklaces, or other encumbrances that block the connecting flow that this massage focuses on. If modesty is of high concern, we recommend a different service.


Follow the flow of your life force, or prana, throughout your body and let it be your guide as you reconnect your conscious mind with your heart, and body into a reintegrated whole. Using a philosophy of ‘match and mirror’ this massage reflects and magnifies your energetic and emotional tones. As a result can be very diverse in its flow, pressure, focus, and the style of “technique.” The massage constantly asks life force to move as it wishes, “How do you want to flow right now!”

In a nutshell, this massage focuses on delivering a fantastic massage through a lens of consciousness, emotion, spirituality, and soul. This lens makes it particularly useful when we want to get in touch with how our thought patterns, emotions, belief systems, and past experiences relate to the tension we hold in our bodies. This massage focuses on moving life force to make your massage a deeper pathway to self-growth and discovery.

PLEASE NOTE: This massage can trigger emotional releases. It follows energetic movements that are subconscious and brings them up to be processed consciously. This witnessing of your deeper emotions, drives and thoughts can be intense. Guna massages are based on trust and communication as we find the ‘zone of challenge’ that safely allows surrendering into spaces of self witnessing. While this therapy type opens the doorway to connect bodywork with coaching, yogic consultation, and other soul work, it doesn’t have to be that fully committed an experience.


Float away during this peace-filled massage which focuses entirely on the front side of the body. Settle into a rhythmic and blissfully relaxing massage. The very gentle, repetitive, and rhythmic strokes allow you to rest and surrender, helping the lymphatic channels and nodes to open and allow fluids to flow freely.

This very gentle massage powerfully promotes detoxification, rejuvenating rest, and supports the immune system.

PLEASE NOTE: that this is NOT a modest service. Due to the location of the lymph nodes on our body, the effectiveness of this technique encourages the inclusion of the inner thigh, belly, armpits, and breast. Also, due to the delicate nature of lymphatic capillary veins, we ask you to disrobe fully with no bracelets, necklaces, or other encumbrances putting pressure onto the skin. We welcome a conversation that balances modesty with effectiveness to create a comfortable and therapeutic experience.



At Back To Bliss, we believe that mothers are the pillars that hold up our communities. These massages have all of the flexibility and tones of a regular massage, except they are tailored to the ever-changing needs of pregnancy. We strongly encourage mothers to take advantage of massage to help them stay strong, healthy, and balanced during the entire process of pregnancy and beyond.

Your massage will adapt as your body changes. Often with more and more accommodations being made the further you progress in pregnancy. 

Swedish Relaxation

When you want the experience of the massage itself to be amazing, then this relaxation-based service is for you. Think spa pampering, delicious rest, and soulful rejuvenation. 

It’s a bit misleading when we call it a relaxation massage because the therapeutic benefits of these massages are truly immense. In the massage world, there is often an assumption made about pain being necessary for therapy. While this pain vs pleasure polarization is a vast oversimplification, it is true that our Swedish Relaxation Massages provide their therapeutic benefits on the gentler side. Rest and rejuvenation are amazingly powerful therapies, plus they feel amazing!!! 


Let’s get you feeling better ASAP! Therapeutic Massages provide an enjoyable outcome in pain relief, greater mobility, and energy that happens AFTER the service. Sometimes relief is immediate and incredibly deep, but often manifests 24-48 hours later.

Therapeutic massages are a mixture of all the therapy techniques your therapist knows. Some of the specific techniques our therapists have trained in that are used during Therapeutic Massages include: Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Advanced Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy, Myofascial Release, Justin Myer’s Anatomy Trains, Craniosacral Therapy, Sports Massage, Lomi Lomi, Kinesiotaping, Cupping, Reflexology, Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Pancha Karma, Hydrotherapy, PNF Stretching, Active Release Technique, Bonnie Pruden’s Trigger Point Myotherapy, Hot Bamboo Massage and more…

PLEASE NOTE: When you get a therapeutic massage, we will talk a bit more, move a bit more, challenge you with deeper pressures, chase tightness to the attachments of muscles that can challenge sensitive and modest areas, and quite possibly send you home feeling short-term negative side effects as part of a greater healing journey. 

If you want the experience of the massage to be focused on enjoyment, then try another service. Your enjoyment from this experience will come later, in the form of pain relief, freedom, and mobility.