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Being healthy has never felt this good!

1 What path is for you?
2 Single Services
3 Therapy Goals
4 Wellness & Maintenance
5 Deeper Lifestyle Programs
What path is for you?

Massage Is A Wide World

Massage techniques provide an amazingly broad assortment of wellness results. They can be for specific body parts, pains, specific emotional or energetic changes, or they can work to distract and unwind the mind. If that isn't complicated enough, massage can hold a space in your life that is as fleeting as a rare treat to as profound as being a linchpin in your pain management plan. It is indeed complicated, to say the least.

At many spas you begin (and end) by picking what service you want. At Back To Bliss, we begin by asking you, "What is your main goal?" 

  • Single services for a rare treat
  • Therapy to accomplish a wellness goal
  • Wellness & Maintenance
  • Holistic lifestyle narrative enhancement

When you can answer that question, we can get down to the real details about not just what massage is for you, but which, how many, in what order, and with what complimentary products and services!

We have more complete writeups and videos on the wide, profound and odd world of massage in our blog and in our forums. Check below for some curated reading and videos we think you will like as well as descriptions for each service on our menu.

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Massage Is A Wide World
Single Services

Plenty Of Benefits Even Without A Plan

Even without the benefits of consistency, every single service offers a wide variety of health benefits and delicious pampering.

Our Menu consists of the following services:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Guna Massage
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Abhyanga
  • Pre-Natal

Exact prices, timeframes and availability for each practitioner can all be found on our booking software and on our descriptions page here.

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Plenty Of Benefits Even Without A Plan
Therapy Goals

Therapy Goals

Programs of therapy most often revolve around the following goals:

  • Pain in Backs, Hips, Shoulders... you name it.
  • Processing Emotional Upheavals
  • Mobility & Postural Freedom
  • Stress Management
  • Tissue Cleanses For Seasonal Health

In general, we think about therapy on slightly longer timeframes than a single service. While it's true that we can on occassion get 'miracle cures' in a single service, it's not something we assume will happen.

For moderate therapy needs, we can often make great progress to the point of resolution in about 4-5 sessions. For more intense/deeply seated/complex therapy needs, we allow 9-12 sessions at accelerated timeframes.

Our packages are built this way based on 20 years of experience in helping people feel better. When in need, trust our expertise and jump into a package to make sure we get the results you need.

Vlog on Therapy Packages
Therapy Goals
Wellness & Maintenance

Wellness & Maintenance

Lets get serious. Muscles are your shock absorbers. They will never stay perfectly strong, perfectly stretched or perfectly pain free. They do their job well and you need to take care of them. Always.

Massage clears emotional debris, calms and centers your mind, and offers an extremely long list of necessary health benefits for staying at a high quality of life for the duration. 

Lets get past the excuses and commit to something consistent. Something that will pay long term dividends in health, mental clarity, and increased happiness. Join up for our Wellness and Maintenance Plans. Coming Soon.

Wellness & Maintenance
Deeper Lifestyle Programs

The Power Of Bodywork

Back To Bliss has been serving our community since 2008, with Josiah & Monica offering wellness services since 2001. We have observed the deeper lifestyle goals that most people have and we are developing 9 month programs and focused narratives to help you make massage therapy a part of the following lifestyle themes.

  • Wellness
  • Spirituality
  • Extended Stress Managment
    • Difficult job sprints
    • Major emotional Upheavals
  • Performance / Optimization
    • Athletes
    • Bio-Hackers
    • Business Leaders
    • Salesmen
  • Chronic Disease & Chronic Pain

If you would like to build a plan around one of these major themes, please talk with Josiah during your massage session, message him directly through the free members area of our website, or book a discovery coaching session. You can be a part of the development and piloting of a more official and comprehensive program for all.

The Power Of Bodywork

Not Sure How To Build A Plan?

We recommend 3 options to get you started:

  1. Book a Therapeutic Massage to get started right away. We have two skilled massage therapists on staff. Get to know one of them and they can help guide you to the proper services, package type, and therapist that best meets your needs.
  2. Poke around on our forums, read each massage type’s description, and check out some blog articles to learn more about what massage can do for you. Did you know that Josiah used to write a weekly column for Hub City Times called Journey To Wellness? Those articles are all posted here in our blog archives.
  3. Book a Discovery Coaching Session with Monica or Josiah to have them set you up on the right path from the start. 
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