Soul Directed Living

Soul Directed Living Program

Online Courses, Discussion Groups, Consultations, and Workshops all focused on helping you:

Understand Yourself – Cope With Stress – Accomplish Your Purpose

1 What is it?
2 Why Now? Why Me?
3 How does it work?
4 About Josiah
What is it?


Soul Directed Living is a wellness program like no other. It structures long term, mid term, and short term goal setting into a cohesive framework. This framework is based on soul level needs instead of what our head tells us we need.

  • The long term goals are major self identity journeys that seem like lifetimes in their experiences.
  • Mid term goals are based around singular questions and around processing emotions. This give us focus and also maintains your consistent personal growth.
  • Short term goals and practices revolve around optimizing daily life and overcoming our instinctual urges. 

In essence, your team of coaches and therapists work ON YOU. Soul Directed Living provides the vehicle for you to work ON YOURSELF. This movement away from deep dependency on others for our health and wellbeing towards self discovery, self sovereignty, and the natural progression of our soul journey in this lifetime is the goal.

Why Now? Why Me?

Dissatisfaction Is Not An Acceptable Way Of Life

Lets stop living to the dictates of anything other than our own heart. Lets start living our bliss now! Today!

Covid-19 and our current political and financial climate have created the perfect time for making positive change. The world is shifting. Jobs are uncertain, health is uncertain, our expectations about the future may not come true. Lets join together to guide these changes so that they flow towards a future we desire.

Dissatisfaction Is Not An Acceptable Way Of Life
How does it work?

Varied Responses To A Complex World

There are tons of ways to fall off the wagon. Soul Directed Living tries to give you long term, mid term, and short term goals and practices that provide the structure and support to help you find out who you are, what you need from life, and then support you as you go about creating change that those revelations demand in your life.

In addition to providing you with structure to stay on track over wildly different timeframes, it also acknowledges that we move through phases where we can actively and consciously focus on growth and then we are struck with upheavals where we have to react to the pressures and demands of life. In many ways this requires having skills to use your will and mind to build habits while you are strong and steady and then having support for the powerfully emotional stresses of dramatic events that life thrusts upon us.  So we offer pathways for both active and reactive practice so that no matter what life throws at you, you can utilize the Soul Directed Living program to support you.

Start with some online materials, courses, or services to connect with the ideas and personalities of the teachers. Build daily practices and start a 9 month program right away

Varied Responses To A Complex World
About Josiah

Josiah Groth - Founder

Josiah has always been interested in finding ways to live in passionate connection to his philosophy. As a young man it was in martial arts that he found those connections; studying Tae Kwon Do and Ninjitsu. While he finished his Bachelor’s degree in Biology Education at UW-Green Bay he stumbled upon the world of massage, tantra, ayurveda, and yoga. Under the tutelage of Blair Lewis and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait of the Himalayan Institute, Josiah studied a living philosophy of yoga intensely with his wife Monica for the next seven years. Living and working as a massage teacher, therapist, yoga teacher, consultant, and facilities manager gave him the experiences needed to found Back To Bliss. Currently he is diving into the process of developing Soul Directed Living services, courses, and communities.

Josiah Groth - Founder