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Massage Therapy with Sylvia Gannigan

1 Welcome To Muscle Whisperer!
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Welcome To Muscle Whisperer!

Massage Therapy for everyone!

Massage techniques provide an amazingly broad assortment of wellness results. They can be for specific body parts, pains, specific emotional or energetic changes, or they can work to distract and unwind the mind. If that isn't complicated enough, massage can hold a space in your life that is as fleeting as a rare treat to as profound as being a linchpin in your pain management plan. It is indeed complicated, to say the least.

I am busy getting my online booking and payment system put together. I will be working as normal at Back To Bliss until mid June. After which everything will remain the same except I will be handling all of the billing and booking of appointments on my own.

A new phone number to call will be provided.

A new booking system will be available to book your appointments.

Your payments will be made out to my new business name Muscle Whisperer.

Back To Bliss gift certificates will continue to be redeemable with me.

Massage Therapy for everyone!
Prices & Service Timeframes

I have plenty of options for you!

All of my service types are priced the same.

30 mins - 

45 mins - 

60 mins -

75 mins - 

90 mins

105 mins - 

120 mins - 

I have plenty of options for you!
About Sylvia

Sylvia Gannigan


Hello, my name is Sylvia. My goal is to help you take time out of your busy life to focus on just yourself. My true desire is to help busy families learn how to find their center and calmer parenting approaches leading to a path of wellness and getting back to nature. I think this can be accomplished by teaching parents about the power and healing that massage can provide, which they can then incorporate into their own lives and pass on to their children. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2017. I specialize in myofascial, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, but I am continuously expanding my knowledge in the massage field and holistic lifestyle.

Some of the inspirational activities I enjoy are barefoot nature walks, cooking wholesome meals with my kids, gardening, and watching my family grow together. This year, we are learning about growing herbs, keeping bees, landscaping, the benefits of different garden produce, Bach Flowers, and canning our own food. If you have any tips or tricks, I would love to hear them or I am willing to share my experience with you as well.

Sylvia Gannigan
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