Six Reasons To Hire A Pro Makeup Artist for Your Big Day

When planning your wedding, there are plenty of things to check off your to-do list. Get the dress, choose the venue, pick the flowers, etcetera. So why worry about what you want your face to look like and how to achieve it? Here are a few reasons to not skimp on your makeup for your big day!

1. Lights, Camera, Makeup!

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t on camera for a living, or even take a selfie on a daily basis. A professional has worked with photographers, and know how to highlight all of your good features, contour, and conceal any spots you don’t want in pictures. Pros are also trained to consider lighting during your photos, (will they be indoors in a dimly lit church, or outside in the afternoon, when the sun is right overhead?)

2. It’s All About the Memories

Your photos will have some of the greatest memories you’ll ever have! You’ll want to look like yourself, like a timeless, slightly more glamorous version of yourself! Going to a professional will make it so easy for you to achieve the look you really want in all those pictures.

3. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, and Likely to Cost around a Thousand Dollars!

Don’t let the small investment of getting a makeup application discourage you from going to a pro. If you think of the budget of your wedding and how much you’ve spent of the other picture-perfect aspects of your big day such as: Photographers, Hair, Dress, Shoes, and Flowers, Makeup is one of the least costly of them all. Remember, your face will be one of the most photographed of the entire day!

4. The Pro Knows

If you happen to come across a super-cheap on-location wedding makeup application, you may want to consider the following:
Are they licensed? If not, they may not be following the sanitary laws that keep us from getting sick.
Have they had any schooling for makeup artistry? If they haven’t, they may not know the basics of the color wheel, what complements certain skin tones, how to work with different bone structures and features, or how to blend makeup appropriately.
If you are leary about any of the following, it’s likely the person doing the makeup has a cheap price because they lack experience or professional education.

5. We Let the Bride Shine!

The bride is the star of the show–and we recognize that! We make sure she gets special attention and consideration for her look, and we consider the entire bridal party when making her shine!
What about the bridal party? We will consider each person’s preferences, coloring, and overall look when applying, but will also stay within an overall “look” or “feeling” for the entire party that compliments the bride and meshes well with the wedding colors and decor.

6. Be Stress Free!

Every bride and bridal party has enough to fuss over and think about going perfectly on the big day. Why worry about bringing a ton of makeup, trying to find all the best looks for everyone, and trying to do everything else before the ceremony and pictures? Consider also that nerves may be a factor, and hands may be too shaky for applying that perfectly curved cat-eye or lip-liner. Just let the pros at Back to Bliss worry about the makeup, while you sit in our relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. We have a wide range of shades and colors to match your needs, and everything is the highest quality and toxin-fee.


If you have further questions or are wanting to try out multiple looks, booking a “Trial Run” makeup application is a fantastic idea.  In the trial run you can bring in pictures of yourself that you really like how you look, or you can find ideas from magazines or websites. Your makeup artist will do the rest. This is a nice way to even further lower the stress factor by knowing how the makeup will look on you and trying out different looks if you aren’t sure exactly what you want.

All in all, getting your makeup done by a pro at Back to Bliss will make you look fabulous in person and in pictures, decrease stress on your wedding day, and most importantly, make you feel confident and happy about how you look. So don’t skip it!