What Are Intuitive Energetic Services

Intuitive Energetics Explained

The entire concept of spirituality revolves around a core understanding that we are of two minds. First and prominently, our conscious mind revolves around our ego’s presentation of our personality and is filled with the things that we have learned from living in the world. Secondly, is our subconscious heart, which communicates slower and is tied into intuition and other forms of knowing besides just our conscious mind. Intuitive Energetic Services are those that attempt to help you heal by communicating directly with our heart led subconscious intelligence. While this may sound silly at first, every culture throughout time has created tools and healing modalities that use our intuitive force for healing. And while spirituality is any practice that attempts to create more conscious awareness of our hearts voice, Intuitive Energetics as practiced at Back To Bliss are not directly involved in any philosophy, religion or spiritual practice directly.

Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT)

Josiah has been studying a highly developed form of muscle testing that combines old wisdom and new understandings to create a very effective, quick and reliable method of getting answers directly from your intuitive field, a.k.a. the Morphogenic Field. Through our muscle testing we find which nutritional supplements and lifestyle adjustments which will enhance your morphogenic field. This statement is way less magnificent than it sounds at first blush. By enhancing your bodies innate communication, energetic strength, and overall balance, EVERYTHING works better. EVERYTHING!!! And while we make no specific health claims other than to balance your morphogenic field, the very act of balancing it creates a cascade effect that helps you at every level of being.

Why MFT?

MFT has several components to its service that many other muscle testing techniques do not utilize to get great results. First it recognizes that there are several reasons you may not give accurate results to our testing. MFT takes into account all of the main reasons for this and addresses them before we begin muscle testing. This gets better results alone! Secondly, it is tied into a system that first focuses on building cellular communication and digestive health within your body. So the first session will test for all of the most common deficiencies at the most basic levels of nutrition and of cellular communication. By focusing on these nutritional needs first we form a solid platform for working deeper into creating a strong and vital morphogenic field (M-Field.) Third, its fast and tests for a huge range of possible field health disruptors. This means it has a comprehensive range for catching all manner of possible causes for a weak or unbalanced M-Field.

Who should get tested?

The simple answer is anyone that wants to feel better and perform better. Our M-Field is a reflection of our deepest energy levels and reflects the health of our our body-intelligence. It is that body-intelligence that directs our cellular chemistry to heal us and powerfully directs our mood, our fatigue levels, and a host of other performance and quality of life concerns. Most of us take some form of supplementation on a regular basis. By getting MFT services you can rest assured that you are actually taking the supplements your body actually wants and needs today.

How To Schedule Services

Booking online or via reception is the same as any other service at Back To Bliss. After an initial visit of an hour to talk about issues and get comfortable with what MFT can do for you, each subsequent service is a quick 20 minute Tune-Up to reassess if your body is still asking for the same dose and products. We find that initially changes occur quickly. When the body is initially given its most pressing supplement needs it often asks for changes on a weekly basis. As we continue along the journey we move to ever increasing time frames until we try to do a Tune-Up every 4-6 weeks. Certain products will only be asked for during short phases of the journey while others will show as long term needs. MFT is the surest and fastest way to find out!!!!



Considering A Career In Massage Therapy?

A Local Opportunity

Back To Bliss is offering a class that was developed by a massage therapy school as a ‘first look’ into the career. When potential students would question whether or not they were ready to commit to a full year long massage therapy program, the school would steer them towards a version of the 15-hour course we are offering. Let’s face it, the commitment of time and money is often scary. Many potential students know they like to give back rubs to family and friends, but they have very little real experience or knowledge about professional massage. This course is the answer to these questions. It was designed to teach a full body oil massage in a group setting.

Students expressing any interest in Massage Therapy as a career can get an authentic experience of what it would be like to give massages as a professional. Taking this course will give enough experience to confirm or remove any doubts about massage as a career before students take the large step of committing to a full program.

Course Details

The course material covers a full body oil massage on professional tables. It is a public class for all ages. Minors under the age of 18 can attend with parental consent. We actually encourage parents to take the class with their child so they can talk about the career choice together. You can also find an online link to information regarding this massage course below:

Several people have expressed interest in this course already, but the dates we have scheduled for our first run don’t work for them. If you also interested but looking for other times that work for your schedule, please contact us with what does work for you so we can set up a second course time that does work for you.

Currently Scheduled

Choose from any of the following three six week sessions.

Session 1: 3/22 – 4/7 – Wed and Fri nights from 6:30-9 @ YRC

Session 2: 4/25 – 5/30  –  Tuesday nights from 6:30-9 @ YRC

Session 3: 7/2 – 8/6  –  Sundays from 3 – 6:30 @ Colby


6 classes. 2.5-3 hours each.

Fee: $125 / person or $200 / couple if signing up together.

Training Announcement – Craniosacral Class

Three Therapists Attended Training

This August, three massage therapists at Back To Bliss attended a weekend certification course in Craniosacral Therapy.

Sarah, Jodi, and Rachelle getting their CEU's.

Sarah, Jodi, and Rachelle getting their CEU’s.

What Is Craniosacral Therapy (CST)?

CST is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system – comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.

Simply put, there is a deeper and more subtle pumping system in our body than the heart and cardiovascular system. That more subtle system surrounds the central nervous system and brain. Just like muscles all over the body tighten in response to stress, so too do the fascial linings of this deeper pumping system. When the pumping system that cleanses, nourishes and detoxifies our central nervous system starts getting wear and tear due to the accumulation of stress, all sorts of negative symptoms can spring up.  In many ways the fluid of this pumping system can be likened to the oil in our car. If it doesn’t get processed via a healthy pumping action it will stark to get gunky and then our entire central nervous system will run sluggishly. Since this system nourishes our nervous system directly the list of symptoms a good craniosacral treatment can help benefit is quite wide and profound.

What does it help?

According to Dr. John Upledger, a pioneer and leading american trainer, craniosacral therapy is ideally suited for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, headaches, chronic middle ear infection, pain, and general health maintenance.

It is recommended for autism, fibromyalgia, heart disease, osteoarthritis, pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic sinus infections, and gastroenteritis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach or small intestine). It is also used with other therapies to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, back pain, and menstrual irregularity. In addition, other craniosacral practitioners have reported benefits for eye dysfunction, dyslexia, depression, motor coordination difficulties, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), hyperactivity, colic, asthma in babies, floppy baby syndrome, whiplash, cerebral palsy, certain birth defects, and other central nervous system disorders. 

Craniosacral Training Supplies

How does it differ from other massages?

As with most specialty massage techniques, the way that you are touched and what body parts the we focus on depends on the result we are looking for. With craniosacral therapy, there are several key notes that make it stand out.

  • The touch is feather light. This massage taps into a very subtle rhythm and facial system.  A very light touch is often best because it is enough to create a strong result, but also not so strong that we distort your natural rhythms through our work.
  • The service is most often done fully clothed. As a predominantly fascial massage we want our hands to be slightly tacky and to hold on the skin instead of to slide along it as we do with an oil massage.
    • We can access all of the body parts we need through the clothing. Without the concern of oil ruining your clothing, we can do everything we need without the need to remove clothing.
    • You certainly can remove belts, shoes, jeans and other obstructive clothes for comfort, but disrobing is not a necessary part of the service.
  • The service is aimed at opening the cerebrospinal fluid system. Most of the massage will be focused on the head, face, and spine because this is where we can most easily affect that system.
  • Part of the science of this modality is for us to use your body’s rhythms and pulses to help find obstructions in the cerebrospinal system. This means that we may move your limbs in repeating rhythms, circles, or other patterns to feel for asymmetry and other disturbances in your cerebrospinal rhythm. Very often we will work in repeating patterns of movement as well as long holds to bring awareness and healing to your cerebrospinal system.
  • These services can often be very long. A 90 minute session is very common. At Back To Bliss, our services only extend to 2 hours, but at many other facilities a 3 hour craniosacral therapy session is normal. We recommend testing this modality out for a 60 minute service first. If you like it, then you can extend the times to the recommended 90 minute session as desired.
  • The teatment is very blissful. The quiet, gentle and rhythmic nature of this massage combined with the genuinely amazing experience of feeling myofascial releases in your body is entrancing. Very often clients will become so absorbed in the internal experience that they will completely lose track of time.
    • As a side note, I have had many clients get mad because they think their massage was cut short when in fact it was extra long. This happens often due to the deep trance like focus experienced during this massage.
    • I have personally had this experience. My session felt like it was only ten minutes long when the therapist took her hands away and said thank you. Basically, the first ten minutes that I remember was how long it took to pull my mind in. The service kept my mind engaged fully until the very last touch and I completely lost connection with the passage of time. It was amazing.
  • As with most specialty massage types, these will have compounding effects when received in a series.

How to Get One?

At Back To Bliss we currently have five massage therapists that are now trained in this service.

  1. Josiah
  2. Carrie
  3. Jodi
  4. Rachelle

Please call our front desk line at 715.316.0040 or go to our online booking system to schedule today.

Kinesio Tape Training

On Wednesday July 29th, 2015, Carrie, Crystal, and Emily will be going to a training on Kinesio Taping.

Kinesio Taping is the application of special tape that will help to heal injuries by increasing circulation and lymphatic flow as well as support the muscle while the injury is acute. If you commonly sprain or strain muscles, this will help cut down recovery time and help you get back to your workout/ training quickly. The benefits to athletes are tremendous and include faster healing, and the added benefit of supporting injuries – sometimes providing enough support so that you can continue to train while healing. Another great benefit of Kinesio Taping is that it is something that you can do at home to help reduce the costs of therapy.  By buying your own tape and having our therapists show you how to apply it at home you can take your health into your own hands.

Combining Kenesio Taping with massage will increase the therapeutic effectiveness of our services.  We will be running a post training special during august to help our therapists practice, so look for it this August.

Training News – Spring Forest Qigong

Congratulations to Carrie Schug – Senior Level Massage Therapist and now QiGong instructor!

Carrie has completed her Level 1 and Level 2 Spring Forest QiGong instructor’s certifications and has completed all of our student level class work at Back To Bliss.  Carrie has been leading Qigong classes at the student level for a year now and the experience combined with her further certifications means she is ready to offer class as a confident and experienced local resource for this traditional Chinese healing art.

Carrie will be teaching mainly at our Colby location, and is open to on-site classes.  Check our class schedule for complete dates and times and contact us to set up Qigong classes at your location.

Carrie attended class at Northwestern Health Science University in Bloomington, Minnesota on October 10th & 11th.
One of the techniques that stood out to her during her class was a special driving technique she applied on her drive home to help maintain energy and focus:
Technique: Hold the steering wheel in such a way that you put your thumb and index finger so they touch – creating a circle around the wheel.
Experience: “This was very helpful to me when I was leaving class, because I don’t care for big city driving.  It stresses me out in such a way that i feel all my energy is leaving my body.  By doing this technique during the drive home, I felt that it helped keep life force energy in my body.  It also helped keep my hands warmer. ” ~Carrie