Announcement – Jodi is promoted to Senior Therapist

Congratulation to Jodi on her promotion to Senior Therapist.  Jodi has been with Back To Bliss for 5 years and has been inspiring and motivated to learn as much as she can.  Here at Back To Bliss we do not take promotions lightly and they work hard to become a senior level.  At Senior Level they become mentors to our newer talent and start teaching them so all your massages at Back To Bliss can be amazing.  Jodi has done countless hours of continued education to obtain this Senior Level status.  When you are on her table next make sure to congratulate her on this promotion.

Announcement: Promotion for Caroline

Congratulation To Caroline on her Promotion to Advanced Massage Therapist!

Caroline has put a lot of time and effort with her education as a therapist and skin care specialist.  She loves to help people and has a soft personality that is willing to try anything to help someone.

April 1st 2018 she was promoted from our starting Associate level to our Advanced level.  This means that she held a steady clientele, worked on her education and her knowledge of product.  Caroline works in our Marshfield location.

So if you see her or you get the pleasure of having a service with her tell her congratulation!

A little bit about Caroline

Caroline grew up in Ripon, Wisconsin. After High School she moved to Milwaukee where she graduated from the Institute of Beauty and Wellness for Cosmetology in 2008 and Massage Therapy in 2010. In Milwaukee she worked in a salon doing only hair for 9 years. After moving to Central Wisconsin in July of 2017 she took the opportunity to get back into massage therapy. Caroline is very happy to be working with experienced co-workers to guide and give continuous education.

When Caroline is not working she enjoys hiking, camping and reading. She has a big family and loves being surrounded by her parents, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephew.

Announcement: Crystal Promoted to Senior Level Therapist!

Congratulations to Crystal on her promotion to Senior Level Massage Therapist!

Crystal has a heart of gold and a passion for this field like no other. She continues to learn and perfect her talents to help all her clients.

Her recent endeavor is her cupping therapy! She has gotten rave reviews from clients who have gotten great relief from cupping.  If you would like to learn more check out her blog about cupping down below!