Summer Changes

Full Transition To Suite Rentals

What does it mean? It means that all of our providers will start their own business entities and you will begin doing business with them. Josiah and Monica will continue to use Meevo for the time being and Sylvia will transition to her own system.

Sylvia will continue doing massage in the same room. You will need to schedule and pay her business, Muscle Whisperer, directly. Links to her online booking system are coming under the Service Providers –> Muscle Whisperer menu above. Her last day as an employee of Back To Bliss is June 15th. We look forward to her new menu of services and prices and know that she will continue to provide amazing massages for everyone.

Monica will be continuing to offer all of her existing Hypnotherapy, Coaching, and Reiki services under the name of Empowered Minds. In addition she is working hard on building some product lines to help with affirmations and to create more ways of working with your mind for greater happiness. Her other big addition is focusing on Relationship Counseling and Relationship Classes which are coming later this summer.

Josiah will be switching all of his focus towards building out Soul Directed Living. He will no longer be doing massage therapy and will focus exclusively on services related to helping people reconnect to their deeper energies, drives, and goals. For those of you used to his massages, try out his Guna Awakening service and see if its for you. Soul Directed Living is a comprehensive wellness program and is the culmination of Josiah’s 25 years of study in wellness, philosophy, and the human potential.

Gift Certificates

Back To Bliss will continue to offer gift certificates redeemable at any of the businesses renting suites. We will be discontinuing the plastic cards for new certificates as the only real change. This is because we will not all be using the same computer systems any more and we will need to be able to find and trace the values on the certificates directly.

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Back To Bliss' Future

With the changing times, Back To Bliss will continue to offer the area what it always has, just under a new model. From here onwards, we will continue to focus on finding service providers in the wellness industry and help the to start their own businesses. For the most part you as clients will be able to continue to find great services under the brand of Back To Bliss, you just won’t do much business directly with us. We will continue to be a window into wellness and a location and name that you can count on to provide great services.

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