Wellness Plans For 2022

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Monthly Wellness Plans Explained

Since the covid-19 shut down we have been hesitant to offer any form of sale or package. We would hate to be in a position where we couldn’t honor any prepurchased certificates, so we have chosen not to offer any sales or discounts until we felt more stability. Wellness Plans will be our new version of rewarding regular customers with a ‘membership and loyalty’ discount program. Our Wellness Plans will provide a valuable set of benefits to our regular clients and we hope you take advantage of them.

Basically, it is a pre-scheduled standing appointment: same day of the week, same time of day, and the same number of weeks between appointments. Each Wellness Plan is scheduled for 9 months on a set-it-and-forget-it recurring format, after which you can apply for renewal. Once you sign up for a Wellness Plan, you will get a $10 discount per service when you come in. Nothing pre-paid, no upfront commitment of money.

Back To Bliss will begin scheduling Wellness Plans in January 2022. Get your application in today!


What is it?

In addition to built in consistency and cheaper services, there are a couple of other benefits to joining our Wellness Plans. First, our therapist’s schedules are getting more and more in demand. If you happen to miss an appointment, our bookings are running 4-7 weeks into the future, and you may end up waiting 10 weeks before you can get back in for a service. By having all of your appointments pre-scheduled, you will always be ahead of the pack in getting into our books. Lastly, Wellness Plans will help filter our clientele to be more and more wellness focused. This will allow us to find and keep more people that want deeper levels of services and programs. We can run more classes and take things to deeper levels of detail with more committed and serious clients.

How it works

You can apply for a Wellness Plan membership at any time. Ask your therapist for our sign up sheet where you can submit an application with all of your preferences. All 9-Month programs begin on a quarterly basis, and your Wellness Plan application will be processed and scheduled within the first two weeks of the quarter. As more and more Wellness Plans are accepted, preferred time slots get taken up and we will begin accepting applications based on more rigorous criteria of who we feel will be best served through the program. 

Rules & Details

By agreeing to these programs you are committing to come to the services scheduled for the duration of the Wellness Plan. Simply by keeping those appointments you gain access to discounts and preferential booking treatments. For now, there will be no financial binding, pre-payment, or contract to penalize not making your appointments. However, failure to keep your appointments regularly will result in the cancellation of your schedule at our discretion. If you default, you will not be eligible for any other program or package for a year. You will lose access to any discount program and will not be able to book more than one appointment at a time.

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