2022 Price Adjustments

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2022 Price Adjustments

All Levels Merged

Sylvia’s prices will be moved up to match Josiah’s beginning 01/01/2022. This price update will go into effect and we will permanently remove all therapist levels from our pricing structure. We will be updating the website prices to reflect this ASAP.

Price Increase For A La Carte Services

As we continue restructuring the way that we offer services to promote and encourage wellness, we will be making a price increase to our A La Carte Services. This means that anyone not on a monthly wellness program or package will see this price increase. If you are a regular customer and set yourself up for standing services you will not see any price changes beyond the merging of Sylvia’s prices. These price changes will go into effect on 01/01/2022 as well.

Please see our blog post on Wellness Plans and 9-Month Programs for full details on why we are transitioning towards this new model. We are having our prices reflect our commitment to wellness and providing discounts to those clients who follow a wellness routine.

Wellness Plans

Our current prices will become our discounted loyalty rate.  This loyalty rate will be available for anyone that is participating in any of our wellness programs. All of our Therapy packages and Lifestyle Programs will also be priced from our loyalty rates and not our A La Carte rates. In essence, everyone that is committed to a wellness plan or therapy package of some sort will be getting our discount rate while anyone that is just getting a massage here and there without any commitment to a deeper wellness plan will be paying our A La Carte rate. So instead of price levels by therapist and discounted gift certificate sales once a year, we will have one price level for all providers and one discounted price for anyone committing to a wellness program that will always be available when you sign up for a program.

Why these changes? Two main reasons. First, as our business becomes more and more focused on Josiah and Monica instead of a broader and more generalized collection of providers, we are able to serve fewer people. We also have fewer staff to train into specialization and the level of excellence is not in question or a concern. Both of these factors lead us to focus on helping fewer people but allow us to focus on helping those people heal and balance their lives on a much deeper level. Thus, we are moving towards finding more committed and serious clients to work with. Secondly, inflation is hitting everywhere and our costs to do business are growing steadily. Prices are being adjusted accordingly. 

Check out our other blog posts and web pages for more details about wellness programs that qualify for our discounted loyalty rates. We have several programs launching in 2022, including:

  • Massage Therapy Packages
  • Monthly Wellness Plans
  • 9-Month Programs
  • Hypnotherapy Packages
  • Soul Directed Living Program

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