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Use Massage Therapy Packages to help get results!

What are your expectations for getting better with massage therapy? While everyone is unique, we often find that in about five services we can move a body from tension to relief. In many situations, this is enough to move you below your pain threshold and to reeducate your nervous system so that it holds a lower level of muscle tone with relief from the spasmodic neuro-muscular positive feedback loops that have been holding you in a pain pattern. In more intense circumstances, a series of ten massages in a gradually lengthening interval has given great results for our past clients.

The long and short of it is, if you want results, you should expect to come at a proper interval and number of massage services where we can feel confident about meeting your goals. That’s where our packages come in. We offer two levels of Therapeutic Massage Package; Moderate and Intense. These two packages are available June 1st, 2021, and have been created to help guide you in finding the proper solution to your therapy goals!

Therapy Package Details

1 Effective Therapy
2 Intensive Intervention
3 Self Identity & Emotional Discovery
Effective Therapy

Moderate Intensity For Most Needs

Includes 5 Therapeutic Massages and one discovery coaching session.

Massages are scheduled at intervals that can be anywhere from 1-4 weeks but are typically closer together for the beginning and longer apart at the end.

These packages are primarily for:

  • stress management 
  • tissue cleanses for seasonal health
  • Pain of moderate severity and complexity
  • Unwinding moderately complex mobility & postural pattern restrictions.

Therapy packages are available for those we feel have a specific therapy goal, a specific therapy need, and whom we feel can benefit from them. They are not built as a discount vehicle for regular massage but as a tool to create better therapy results. They create clearer expectations and provide a more structured framework for therapy.

Intensive Intervention

3:3:3 with Consultations Support

Includes 10 Therapeutic Massages and two coaching sessions.

When you need a deeper intervention, this is the package for you. Basically, it is a ten session package with more closely packed services at the beginning to gather the momentum needed to create positive change. As your body begins to hold the therapeutic adjustments, we allow more time between sessions. Eventually moving out to the normal length of time that our monthly wellness programs run at.

Beginning with the 3:3:3 intervention philosophy, we adjust the sequence to your unique needs. What is this philosophy?

  • 3 massages at weekly intervals
  • followed by 3 massages at 2-week intervals
  • and 3 massages at 3-week intervals at the end.
  • A bonus session and 2 coaching sessions round out the package.

The two coaching sessions are included whenever needed, but typically at the beginning phase, to discuss whatever extra details you need. Often recommendations for supplements or products are a component of this as well as yoga stretches or ayurvedic lifestyle advice. Complex issues often require more than just massage and we have prepared for that in this package.

Self Identity & Emotional Discovery

When The Cause Is From Mind & Emotion

The healing powers of deeper therapy through massage are explored in our Kosha Massages. For those who are looking to delve deeper into self discovery and connect to the emotional and personality connections between how they use their body and how their body reflects consciousness will find these massages and the coaching surrounding them to be of immense value. 

Our Kosha Massage is the best place for these deeper therapeutic tones and you will soon be able to get therapeutic packages for these as well.

Packages will follow a longer timeframe than our standard therapy packages and will include more personal practice, reflection and coaching. 

Coming Soon.... For now, just start booking Kosha Massages and begin the process today!

Moderate Therapy Package

Descriptions Above In Tabs

It can be expected to take roughly one month of diligent and persistent therapy for each year that you have had a chronic issue.

Getting Started

Book a Therapeutic Massage at any time. Ask your therapist if you are a candidate for one of our Therapeutic Packages. You can discuss what type of plan, who you should have for a therapeutic team and more at that time.

Not everyone is accepted for these deeper therapy sequences and they are not available for purchase online.

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