Enhanced Pain Relief With CBD!


Topical CBD For Pain Relief & Inflammation!

At Back To Bliss, we have several options for topical CBD care.
These include massage oils, moisturizers, and acute pain relief gels.

While we launched our CBD Massage Oils a couple of months ago, many of you still don’t know about our option to use these massage oils in your actual massage services. This option is a fabulous way to add greater inflammation and pain-fighting to your massages. This is especially true for anyone who likes to have a deeper tissue massage that creates more therapeutic inflammation. In other words, if your massages typically make you sore for one or two days afterwards, then this might be for you! To do this, just purchase the CBD massage oil and bring it with you to your massage. We will use it instead of our oils. It’s as simple as that to add CBD to your massages!

CBD massage oils are also great for use at home for those who like to do self-care or have a partner that they can receive massages from at home. For those wanting more massages at home, ask about our 90 min Couples Massage Classes and full body 15 hour Hands & Hearts: Massage For Friends, Family & Partners Classes. Join the Massage At Home group and message Josiah directly or read up on the discussion boards there for ideas, techniques and class details.



Use this massage oil at home or bring it in for your next massage service at Back To Bliss. We will use it instead of our regular oils to make your massage even more effective at pain and inflammation management!

If you like Icy Hot then up your game with our CBD Freeze!

Menthol, CBD, Tea Tree and Arnica all rolled into one therapy gel!


For those more focused on skincare along with pain relief, try our CBD Moisturing Cream!

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