We All Have Courage

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We All Have Courage

They say courage isn’t the absence of fear, courage is when you feel the fear and you do it anyway.

How many of us have had a moment when we have something that makes us hold our breath? After that breath, we may feel butterflies in our stomachs and a little voice inside of our head pops up and rears its ugly head. That voice starts putting doubt into our minds, telling us we can’t do this, we aren’t brave enough, strong enough, talented enough, pretty enough, we are NOT enough. We aren’t always aware of that voice or how words hold power and how those words hold us back from our power and we are caught still holding our breath.

We teach our children to not let others bully them or speak to them in a disrespectful tone. Do we teach them to not let their mind bully themselves? How about you? You won’t let others talk to you in a way that takes your power, or leaves you holding your breath. However, we allow that voice inside our heads to take our power, by treating us in a rude, condescending, abusive way multiple times per day. That voice is our internal bully, and we can make it stop!

How Do We Stop This Voice? How Do We Change This Habit?

Start paying attention is the answer. When I help people in my practice to start paying attention they are amazed how often they are saying negative things about themselves that they didn’t even know they were saying.

The first step is to become aware of this voice, listen for it.

How often do you hear that little voice per day? What do you do when you hear that voice? Do you collapse and feel that that voice is your truth? Do you fight back and say no that isn’t the truth!?

The second step is to pay attention to how this voice makes you feel, and what situation did this ugly voice rear its head.

Did it make you feel angry, sad, lonely, ashamed, worthless? Does it pop up when you are getting dressed? Going to your job? Dealing with a relationship? Dealing with your children? Driving in your car?

Why is paying attention to this voice important? It’s important because patterns become habits and then it starts to become your truth. You are reinforcing this negative message multiple times a day. You start believing you are these negative things and that you don’t have the power to change them. I am here to tell you, you do have the power to change it and you can turn this around quickly by just catching that little voice and changing its message.

Flip the script!!!! Negative to positive in small steps! This is what I do in my practice, is help you take little steps through Coaching and Hypnotherapy to change this messaging. We create a program that fits you with attainable goals. We reinforce the positive message every day so you can catch that voice and flip it on its head. Giving you your power back and the permission to no longer hold your breath. It will take courage and commitment but I will be with you every step of the way!

You have the strength, power, and courage

Monica ~ ChT and Life Coach

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