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Hypnotherapy and Coaching complement each other, together providing a more comprehensive and integrated approach that helps you go deeper and make real changes that “stick”.

How many times have you tried to implement a positive change in your life (“I’m going to start eating healthy, for REAL tomorrow…”), only to find that 2 weeks later you’ve fallen off the wagon? This is where Hypnotherapy + Coaching can provide more powerful results.

Coaching engages your conscious, cognitive mind by increasing awareness and mobilizing action plans. Hypnotherapy anchors in the habit patterns or belief pattern changes you want to make by using your subconscious mind the part of our mind where beliefs and habits are formed.

It’s a multi-dimensional approach that helps you make meaningful long lasting changes that are customized for you.

How The Mind Works

When we want to change habit patterns or old belief patterns weather we learned these things as a child or as an adult the good news is they are learned behaviors. Meaning we can reframe and relearn new patterns that lift us up and bring us to healthier patterns.

Our brain works by activating both your conscious and subconscious mind so all parts of your mind are working towards one goal!

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