Website Revisions

A Death To Report

This week we said goodbye to our website design theme, or rather it said goodbye to us. Our beautiful old look was made possible via a custom built theme that sadly turned into a real lumbering dinosaur in terms of its code. When I went to make some updates to the site this last week, it crashed, died and said goodbye forever.

Updating the website has been on the agenda for some time this year. I have known this was coming for some time now, just not exactly when. I had hoped to build a new site before the old one stopped working, but alas that isn’t what happened.

To that end, I have left the website live with all of the code errors visible during the transition process. You can see the updates as I process them. Currently our booking software and gift certificate purchasing all work fine. You can check out service descriptions, book available appointments and buy gift certificates as normal by finding the links under our main header under Services. 

Here are the links to our booking software, Meevo, and the separate online gift certificate purchasing software.

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