April 2021 Staff Adjustments

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Lots Of Staff Adjustments - April Appointments Going Fast

April will see a very short supply of appointments available. Josiah and Sylvia have added to their availability, but those times will go fast.

Brian is no longer working with Back To Bliss. Caroline is taking April off. Monica is working on getting healthy as well. What this means is that anyone looking to get appointments at Back To Bliss in April 2021 should get their appointments booked ASAP. 

Looking at our reporting it looks like fully 60% of all appointments are being booked online these days. If you are booking online, everything is working fine, but you should expect fewer options and for the scanner to deliver more “no times available” returns. Keep looking further out into the future if this happens to you. Also, for all of our female therapist request clients, Sylvia will be booked up very soon for all of April as the only female therapist option.

Looking Forward

Back To Bliss will continue looking to hire new massage therapists. In the meantime, we highly suggest our regulars look into “Standing Appointments.” Standing appointments are set up as a recurring day, time, and interval appointment for 9 month intervals. This assures that you have your

appointments set up before everyone else and you can get in on the times and schedule that you want. Also, on the positive side of things, setting up your appointments like this keeps your intention of wellness solid even if life gets distracting. Set it and forget it!

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Website Revisions

This week we said goodbye to our website design theme, or rather it said goodbye to us. Our beautiful old look was made possible via a custom built theme that sadly turned into a real lumbering dinosaur in terms of its code. When I went to make some updates to the site this last week, it crashed, died and said goodbye forever.


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