Why Do I Keep Getting Snacks During Covid-19: Session 3 Hypnotherapy With Monica

Why do I keep going to get snacks?

The mind is a miraculous thing, especially when it comes to eating!  I am sure all of you out there have said I will eat just one more M&M but after that one I am done; I will no longer think of M&Ms again!  What does your mind immediately do?  It can’t stop thinking about M&Ms!  Why is this?  This is because the mind can not process negative meaning in a sentence, so when you say I will no longer think of M&Ms your mind hears I will think of M&Ms.  This is why you are shortly into the kitchen or snack pantry looking for M&Ms.  We need to change the way we talk to ourselves about the snack.  You say instead I will make healthy choices that feed my body the energy it needs.

How do you know if you are indulging because of emotional hunger or if it is physical hunger? 

Emotional hunger will come on suddenly and Physical hunger will come on gradually.  There are many reasons that people tend to indulge in food either healthily or unhealthily.  The main emotional causes for someone to indulge are fear, anger, tension and shame. Doreen Virtue wrote a great book about these feelings and what they mean in her book Constant Cravings.  When people are feeling fear, you may be feeling insecure, abandoned, depression, intimacy issues, or control issues.  If you are feeling anger you could be feeling anger with another person, betrayal, victimization, at injustice to life itself.  If your feeling tension, you could be feeling stress, frustration, jealousy, imbalance in your life.  Shame you may be feeling low self-esteem, lacking belief in yourself, feeling unworthy.  Pay attention the next time you go to get a snack and see if you can pin an emotion to the reason you are wanting that food. In our World right now, I feel most people are indulging because they are emotionally eating.  The good news is if you can pinpoint an emotion, I can help you with that with Hypnotherapy Sessions.

What can you do if you are an emotional eater?

We are nervous, bored, scared, fearful, and off schedule right now as a Society, to just name a few.  Food is a constant in our lives, and it is something we can control.  If you are an emotional eater here are few things you can do to help stop the trips to the snack pantry.

  1. Just being aware of why you are making the trips is the first step
  2. I recommend journaling these feelings because there may be more then one that comes up, bring your journal with to your appointment so I can help pinpoint the most significant emotion.
  3. Eating on a schedule to control your blood sugar so you don’t have big up or down swings will help regulate your emotions.
  4. Exercise is the best way to process emotion, it boosts self-esteem and gives you energy instead of sugars or caffeine. This doesn’t have to be a full out bust your butt workout, it can be anything that you haven’t been doing, so a walk, yoga, a couple trips up and down your stairs.  Set a goal of working out 10 min a day or 30 min a day whatever you can fit in.
  5. Turn off Social Media and ALL Media! It’s not all bad but it is all spinning your mind.  You know what that spinning feels like when you look up at the clock and are like WHAT where did the last hour go?  You feel disconnected from reality and even a little lazy.  Give yourself an hour (whatever you feel you need) but then don’t look at it again through out the day.  You will feel more grounded and more present.
  6. Write positive affirmations and put it on a post it note as reminder of how beautiful, capable and strong you are so you can get through the cravings when they come up, because they will come up. And then journal those feelings!


Sometimes it’s hard to feel gratitude in this time in the World but I am thankful to my Teacher Linda Bennett who has allowed me to use her beautiful writings and allowed me to put my voice to her scripts for all of you.  I am thankful that this pause has given me the opportunity to practice this craft and to share it with all of you.  I am also thankful that the next blog post and recording I do will be on gratitude so look next week for that.

Taking virtual appointments

During this season when we cannot have our physical doors at Back To Bliss open I do want to offer a virtual Hypnotherapy session to anyone that may need extra support during this time. If this is something you are interested in please email monica.groth@gmail.com to discuss times available and pricing.

With Love and Gratitude,

Monica Groth

*Script is by Linda Bennett Music is by Chris Collins 10-minute meditation music royalty free.

Hypnotherapy Session 3

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