How To Handle Split Ends While Waiting For Your Next Haircut: With Jessica H

Put The Scissors Down
We know some of you out there are struggling with your hair and thinking about going to the scissor drawer and thinking to yourself it can’t be that hard?  Put the scissors down, walk away and watch this video from Jessica our in Salon educator talking about what to do with your split ends while you wait for us to be reopened!  Leave a comment on any questions you may have and we will make another video or get back to you in the comments section.

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  1. Sarah Marcis
    Sarah Marcis says:

    Awesome Job my girl!!! Too late the scissors has been out and will again before I see you. You’ll fix me all up. Miss you

  2. Marti Heil-Chubb
    Marti Heil-Chubb says:

    Hi Jessica, I have not trimmed my hair yet…..cant wait till this craziness is over so I can come see you for a trim. Marti


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