Hypnotherapy to be offered at Back To Bliss

Congratulations to Monica on finishing her Hypnotherapy Certification.  Monica has been attending The Southwest Institute Of Healing Arts for her certification in Hypnotherapy.  Monica has been in the Wellness Business for 20 years.  She has enjoyed helping people through her reiki and yoga services but felt it just wasn’t enough to help people overcome deep traumas.  She discovered Hypnotherapy and the power the subconscious mind can hold over one’s habits, thoughts, memories and lifestyle.  How Hypnotherapy can restructure the way the subconscious mind thinks of those habits or behaviors, reframing them so you can live a better life.

She is still attending South West Institute Of Healing Arts to go on to complete her Clinical certification in Hypnotherapy.  In her clinical training she is learning how to help people with PTSD, chronic pain, regression therapy and so much more.  She is excited to offer this type of healing to our communities.  She likes to tell people that Hypnosis is simply a state of relaxed focus.  You get a really deep relaxation while you get to work on some bigger issues.

Monica is taking clients in both the Colby and the Marshfield location starting Jan 20th, 2020!  It’s a great way to bring in the new year to focus on changing pattern habits, dealing with some past trauma or coming to just feel empowered about yourself again. Book Your Hypnotherapy Appointment


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