The Dirty Truth About Brazilians

There are so many people out there who are afraid to come in for a Brazilian because of the mystery it hides. Well, there’s really no mystery, continue reading to find out what really happens during a Brazilian and how to prepare for it. This article will help answer your questions so that you can get down with having no hair in your private square.

The length of your hair:
You will want your hair to be at least ¼-½ an inch in length. Start to grow your hair out AT LEAST two weeks before coming in for your appointment. This helps ensure that all the hairs have grown long enough. It’s important to know that each hair follicle grows at a different rate AND they are all in different points of their growth cycle.

What occurs during the Brazilian:
Many people have a ton of assumptions and questions when it comes to Brazilians. “What is all waxed?” “How will it feel?”  “Is the esthetician judging me?” A bunch of other crazy things probably run through one’s head.

Well to start off, it’s not a day in paradise. Your hair is getting pulled out of your skin, you’re going to feel something! But, on the bright side the results are wonderful and the more you do it the less it will hurt. Even the hair may grow less and it will be finer as well.

When you come in for your first Brazilian it can be a bit nerve wracking. The reason being because you’ve never been waxed before and you don’t know how it will feel, not to mention you think it will be awkward. Well for starters it’s not anything to be extremely nervous about. Everyone has a different pain tolerance so you can’t go based off of what other people say especially if they haven’t ever had a Brazilian.

When you get into the room where the service will be occurring you will see a table with a white paper sheet, like at the doctor’s office, taking up a small section of the table. This is where you will place your bottom. A bed sheet will be lying accordion style on the edge of the table as well for you to cover yourself. There will be a pair of disposable underwear, a baby wipe, and a pair of gloves. The underwear are optional (it’s whatever you are comfortable with), the baby wipe is for you to clean up the area, and the gloves are for helping me hold your skin taut when I am unable to (Two hands really aren’t enough for this service sometimes). I will explain these again when you come in for this service so don’t worry about memorizing anything. I will give you a few minutes to get ready and then I will come back in and get started. You will undress from the waist down and put on the underwear if you would like, then place your bottom on the white paper sheet. You may also cover yourself with the bed sheet at this time.

Disposable underwear (there is no correct way to put these on-they look the same front and back)

When we start the service you will want to know that all the hair is going unless you tell me differently, after all that’s what a Brazilian is. Anyway the areas that get waxed would be your pubic bone, vulva, and yes, the butt; so your pubic region. The first thing I do is start a conversation therefore getting rid of the tension and awkwardness. Conversations also take your mind off of the pain that you may be feeling as I wax. I cleanse the area and this is where I ask you to butterfly your legs.

As I start waxing, I start with the pubic bone and the bikini line (any hair outside the panty line). I work on both sides to keep it even just in case you can’t tolerate me doing all of it at least you will be symmetrical. Since hard wax is used it has to dry before it can be removed so as I let it sit I tweeze whatever hairs I may have missed that wax won’t grab such as little short hairs or I apply wax to another area. As I continue waxing I won’t need you to hold anything at the start but as I getting further down closer to the labia I do ask that you help hold. This being because the area is a little more fatty and there isn’t a flat, taut surface. It just makes things easier to have you hold. The tauter the skin the less it will hurt. After I clean up the whole front area I have you turn on your side, bring your top leg knee up to your chest and hold your butt for me. This helps me get a cleaner wax and it goes faster as well. Once I finish the waxing I go over both the front and the back with a wax remover, then I ask if you would like aloe. All aloe does is sooth the area and help with redness. I do ask if you would like to see the area as well. If you do I can hand you a mirror and you can look yourself over. I will tell you you may get ready and open the door once clothed, I then leave the room. Once I come back we will talk over how it went and aftercare.

Aftercare for a Brazilian:
The aftercare is fairly simple. For 24 hours you will want to avoid sex and tight clothes since both of these can cause friction and irritation, also avoid intense heat such as saunas and hot tub. After the area is tolerable to the touch you will want to exfoliate and moisturize it. Exfoliation will prevent ingrown hairs and the moisturizer helps prevent irritation and soothes. Please do you an unscented exfoliant and moisturizer especially to also prevent further irritation. Some people’s skin can tolerate a scented sugar scrub but only use it if you know and always use an unscented moisturizer! I recommend an amount of time until you should come in again and you may book out your next appointment. The aftercare is very important! You don’t want to end up being in pain because you chose not to follow them.

The difference between Brazilians, bikini shaping, and a bikini wax:
A Brazilian is the process of removing all the hair from the pubic region (pubic bone, vulva, and butt); bikini shaping is removing the hair outside of the panty line and also shaping on the pubic bone; a bikini wax is just removal of the hair outside of the panty line.

Booking options and more information:
You can book out your appointment online at or call 715-316-0040.

I look forward to helping you with all of your waxing needs at all 3 locations. I will be starting waxing services in Wausau this June.