Cupping Is Hot

Everyone is excited about cupping, and with good reason, because it is an excellent modality to ease sore and achy muscles. Fire cupping is the process of using fire to create a vacuum within a glass cup which is placed on the body to provide therapeutic benefit. Cupping is usually done on the back, but can be applied to other locations of the body.

cupping_annistan      cupping-athletes      olypian_cupped      phelps_cupped

Check out some of these images from the Olympics. Cupping is hot partly because of the publicity they are giving it. The large marks it leaves as part of the healing process are bold statements worn by athletes and celebrities.

What Is It?

There are two main types of cupping, stationary and sliding, each type has a different emphasis. Stationary cupping means that the cup is placed on the body and left there for about 5-10 minutes, without moving it. Stationary cupping is primarily used as a method to stimulate acupuncture points on the back, it may also be using in conjunction with acupuncture (the cup is placed over a needle which has already been inserted into an acupuncture point). Sliding cupping is the process of placing a cup on the location of treatment and moving it around along the acupuncture channels of the back with brief periods of leaving it in place to provide extra stimulation on various acupuncture points.

Why Do It?

Cupping is valuable because it is a method that helps to loosen the facial layer, which is the first step in preparing the body to do deeper muscle work. Cupping increases circulation in the area being worked on. This increase of circulation helps the body to eliminate toxins from the muscle layer, as well as oxygenating the cells, and increasing the rate of tissue repair. The pinyin (English pronunciation of Mandarin) calls these toxins “sha”. “Sha” literally can be translated as muscle gravel. This muscle gravel creates pain, stiffness, fatigue, and limited range of motion. By bringing these toxins to the surface and inducing the body to fully process and remove them, pain decreases, muscles loosen up, range of motion is increased, and energy is increased.

How Cupping Fits Into An Acupuncture Treatment

Usually some general massage or Tui Na (massage focused on acupuncture channels and points) is done before cupping. Tui Na warms the muscles up, so that they are prepared for the deeper work of cupping. Tui Na also provides an opportunity to work some massage oil into the skin, making it easier for the cups to glide across the surface of the body. As it is utilized in Chinese Medicine, cupping is often considered an accessory technique. Acupuncture, dietary therapy, and herbal therapy are the primary tools of regulating the health of the body, everything else is added to strengthen and support these primary modalities. Cupping is an ancient and powerful tool for healing. It is also easily accessible.


Jocelyn, our Acupuncturist, is trained in fire cupping. She has office hours in Colby and Marshfield. If you have questions or would like to experience cupping for yourself, it is just a phone call away!

Six Reasons To Hire A Pro Makeup Artist for Your Big Day

When planning your wedding, there are plenty of things to check off your to-do list. Get the dress, choose the venue, pick the flowers, etcetera. So why worry about what you want your face to look like and how to achieve it? Here are a few reasons to not skimp on your makeup for your big day!

1. Lights, Camera, Makeup!

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t on camera for a living, or even take a selfie on a daily basis. A professional has worked with photographers, and know how to highlight all of your good features, contour, and conceal any spots you don’t want in pictures. Pros are also trained to consider lighting during your photos, (will they be indoors in a dimly lit church, or outside in the afternoon, when the sun is right overhead?)

2. It’s All About the Memories

Your photos will have some of the greatest memories you’ll ever have! You’ll want to look like yourself, like a timeless, slightly more glamorous version of yourself! Going to a professional will make it so easy for you to achieve the look you really want in all those pictures.

3. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, and Likely to Cost around a Thousand Dollars!

Don’t let the small investment of getting a makeup application discourage you from going to a pro. If you think of the budget of your wedding and how much you’ve spent of the other picture-perfect aspects of your big day such as: Photographers, Hair, Dress, Shoes, and Flowers, Makeup is one of the least costly of them all. Remember, your face will be one of the most photographed of the entire day!

4. The Pro Knows

If you happen to come across a super-cheap on-location wedding makeup application, you may want to consider the following:
Are they licensed? If not, they may not be following the sanitary laws that keep us from getting sick.
Have they had any schooling for makeup artistry? If they haven’t, they may not know the basics of the color wheel, what complements certain skin tones, how to work with different bone structures and features, or how to blend makeup appropriately.
If you are leary about any of the following, it’s likely the person doing the makeup has a cheap price because they lack experience or professional education.

5. We Let the Bride Shine!

The bride is the star of the show–and we recognize that! We make sure she gets special attention and consideration for her look, and we consider the entire bridal party when making her shine!
What about the bridal party? We will consider each person’s preferences, coloring, and overall look when applying, but will also stay within an overall “look” or “feeling” for the entire party that compliments the bride and meshes well with the wedding colors and decor.

6. Be Stress Free!

Every bride and bridal party has enough to fuss over and think about going perfectly on the big day. Why worry about bringing a ton of makeup, trying to find all the best looks for everyone, and trying to do everything else before the ceremony and pictures? Consider also that nerves may be a factor, and hands may be too shaky for applying that perfectly curved cat-eye or lip-liner. Just let the pros at Back to Bliss worry about the makeup, while you sit in our relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. We have a wide range of shades and colors to match your needs, and everything is the highest quality and toxin-fee.


If you have further questions or are wanting to try out multiple looks, booking a “Trial Run” makeup application is a fantastic idea.  In the trial run you can bring in pictures of yourself that you really like how you look, or you can find ideas from magazines or websites. Your makeup artist will do the rest. This is a nice way to even further lower the stress factor by knowing how the makeup will look on you and trying out different looks if you aren’t sure exactly what you want.

All in all, getting your makeup done by a pro at Back to Bliss will make you look fabulous in person and in pictures, decrease stress on your wedding day, and most importantly, make you feel confident and happy about how you look. So don’t skip it!

Your First Meditation – So’Hum

So, you want to give this meditation thing a shot?

We have put together a short program to give you a taste of what meditation actually is. The truth is that meditation is an internal experience that is hard to convey through the media we typically use. Meditation is about tapping into an internal experience of peace and stillness and we simply can’t show that to you in an instagram picture or via a youtube video, sound byte, book, etc.

So, if you want to know what meditation is, you have to do it. And even then, the journey of regularly practicing meditation continues to give you a deeper and deeper set of experiences as you go. These experiences help you gain access to that part of you which is beyond words, ego, and day to day consciousness. It’s like a wrapped present. You won’t know whats inside until you open it, and even after you open it, there is another present inside the first box. Each package can be unwrapped through more practice.

Getting motivated

At first we want to meditate for a variety of reasons. Impulses pulled from the cacophony of media that we have absorbed over the years. It’s cool, mystical, healthy, etc….  To be reading this page, you need to have been interested enough to click here, and that says some great things about your motivation.

Our goal is to dive right in to get you an experience of the peace which meditation can bring so that you have something stronger to keep you motivated. Because, the bottom line is, you need to carve out the time and energy to do the practice or you won’t get any results at all. That tread mill in the basement covered in cobwebs is really helpful, eh?

As a final piece of motivation, let me say from 15 years of experience as a professional and practitioner in the wide wacky world of wellness and spirituality. Meditation is the single most powerful tool to wellness I have ever found. Single most powerful doesn’t mean best for everyone, nor does it mean the only thing we should do. However, it does mean that it has my full confidence to be beneficial for everyone as a lifetime practice of wellness. Trust me. You will never be sorry that you spent some time learning to meditate.

Meditation is incredibly simple

When we talk about meditation, we have grand ideas of inner peace or life changing epiphanies. Magic, mysticism, and a lot of other myths surround it. But, the truth is that the details of performing meditation are incredibly simple. In a word, its just the practice of focus. Focusing your mind on a single thought, word, sound, picture, etc…. However, the practice of maintianing that focus is where the real work of meditation is found.  Thats it.

Once we know that we can gain a tremendously positive experience from focusing our mind through meditation and sit down to do it a bit, we have the experience of obstacles. And here is where we gain a tremendous about of benefit as well.  Why does my body hurt after sitting still for five minutes? What can I do to sit longer? Why do I get so mad when I sit for meditation? What causes that? What part of my mind keeps thinking this is stupid when I know I feel great every time I do it? Which parts of my mind are involved in that internal conflict?

As obstacles come up, we can add a whole host of practices that help us work on different aspects of health and wellness. What a great thing!

Lets do it!

Listen to the audio link below to be guided through the details of your first meditation. Then, try it by yourself for 3 minutes in silence.

The very first meditation takes three minutes. It is called So’Hum meditation because those are the words that you use to focus on while you breathe. They are used because they are the actual sounds that the breath makes when you sit with your head neck and truck straight and breathe through your nose.  The sound So echoes as you inhale. Hum as you exhale. Take a moment to close your eyes and listen to the differences in the sound as you breathe smoothly in and out through your nose.

By keeping your posture upright you keep things aligned. Obstacle removed!

By breathing in and out through your nose, you help slow down the breath to keep you calm and help with focus. Obstacles removed!

By slowing down your breath so it is gentle and peaceful, you help to keep your nervous system peaceful too. Obstacle removed!

By closing your eyes you help to remove distracting stimulation from the outside, allowing you to focus. Obstacle removed!

Now, set a timer for 3 minutes or count for 25 full exhales as you breathe. Sing the sounds So and Hum along with the complete inhalations and exhalations so that they match time.

Do it now! Go.

You did it!

You just had an experience of meditation. Congrats, you are further along than most people. However, you have just scratched the surface of a massive iceburg. Even with such a simple and short practice most people feel calmer afterwards. They feel emotionally and mentally more at peace; more at ease in general. Sometimes headaches disappear and other dis – eases are lessened.

Let that sink in. Just once, and just for three minutes! And you had these results….  Now think about how powerful a regular habit of that experience would be. How much longer you would hold onto the experience of peace and calm throughout your day if you did it regularly.

Did we get you motivated? Because the truth is that meditation time often needs to be carved into your busy schedule. Our mind throws up excuses like weeds in order to avoid being trained and disciplined. Can you be one of the few that commit to maintaining the practice? It takes work and effort, just like every wellness practice. But I hope you enjoyed the sweet taste of what it can bring enough to try again tomorrow.

Next Step

The next steps involve broadening our understanding of why and how meditation works. We will fill in some holes in our technique. In general we will expound and explain more helpful hints to make the practice easier, deeper, and keep us motivated to keep doing the work. Look for a small series of blog posts and audio clips to help keep the momentum rolling.

See you then!

Reiki Share Begins

Hands & Hearts – Reiki Share

Join us this fall for Back To Bliss’ Reiki Share. This is an open group for anyone who has completed Reiki I, II, or III, regardless of how often you perform reiki.  During this share, we will begin with a small discussion to set our intention and talk shop. Once we divide ourselves up for the trade, we will each receive a 15 minute reiki service from multiple providers at once. Unstructured time is allowed at the end of each share to drink tea while we socialize and process the experiences from the trade together.

What is a Reiki Share?  

A Reiki Share is a group that gathers to support, inspire, and build their local reiki community. Reiki is often misunderstood, and finding safe and appropriate people and places to share and learn from is sometimes difficult. This group is intended to be that safe haven. A monthly gathering that allows us to nurture ourselves and develop our intuition. As all groups, it is what the members make of it, so come with questions and help us build a wonderful space where reiki, and all those who practice it, are celebrated.

  • The following will find the reiki share to be highly beneficial.
    • New practitioners – Get feedback from the pros
    • Home practitioners – Gather experience by practicing on new people.
    • Busy practitioners – Schedule it so you can receive, too!
    • Professional practitioners – Spread your network. Promote your Niche.

What is Hands & Hearts?

Hands & Hearts is a program organized around the idea of increasing our local area’s touch literacy. Sponsored by Back To Bliss, it has various facets including teaching friends and family how to give each other massages, supporting  local professional bodyworkers and a charitable program aimed at helping to provide bodywork to underpriviledged community members.

When and Where

This share is 100% free, and will happen every four weeks on Monday night from 6-7pm. Each Share is hosted at Back To Bliss – Colby Center where we can enjoy the professional setting. Tables and linens are provided by Back To Bliss. You may bring your personal accessories as desired.

2016 Dates:

  • Monday September 26th @ 6:00pm
  • Monday October 24th @ 6:00pm
  • Monday November 21st @ 6:00pm
  • Monday December 19th @ 6:00 pm


Please call or go online to reserve a spot for each month’s share. We are currently limited to 10 participants. Call 715.316.0040 to speak to a receptionist or go to and search for the dates you are looking to register for. Feel free to send questions and comments to Monica at the bottom of the page.