Class Policy Updates

We are in the process of enhancing our classes and adjusting the way we schedule and administer them. We have been changing the way we work classes often because we just haven’t found the right mix of software, options, and administrative policy. We apologize for all of the adjustments over the last couple of years, but we think we have finally found the right way to make it all fit together. We have finally settled into a new set of policies that give you all the flexibility you want. Our software can handle all the complexities that our options require, and we have our policies and pricing aligned to support what we want to do.

For our October classes you will notice only a single change to our offerings.  We will now be moving class series to 8 week sessions. This doesn’t mean that you have to sign up for all 8 classes, however.  We will still be offering all classes at 4 week series for $25 and 8 week series for $49. You can sign up for all of our yoga series at any time.

We will be continuing to add options to our class policies through the Vata Balancing Trimester (Oct.-Jan.)  We will have all of our new policies rolling for a fully flushed out, robust and enhanced yoga and fitness class experience for our Kapha Balancing Trimester which begins in February.

In the meantime, we are actively looking for teachers of all fitness and yoga persuasions to get on board with classes at our McMillan and Colby locations for the fall and winter.

Frequently Asked Question:

Several people have called in telling us they can’t find a class on our booking system.  One of the most common mistakes people are making is that they need to know that the classes they are looking for are filtered by location. After you log into your online account on booker you will be able to see a location selector drop down menu that is located in the upper right hand of the screen. Currently we only have classes available at our Colby location and at our McMillan locations. For those looking for classes in or around Marshfield and Stratford, you will find options at the McMillan location.

Be Well,


Product Of The Month – Epsom Salt

Epsom Salts

These amazing salts are a great health product that works through the skin to support and balance many of our bodily systems. Even though we work with them and recommend them all the time for our massage clients, when we pull out the list of benefits we are still amazed by their potency and the sheer range of benefits they bring. When you combine their effectiveness with the delivery method – a long relaxing soak in a deliciously hot bath, how could you not want to indulge? As our Product Of The Month for October, we will be offering a 10% discount for any epsom salt purchase. This offer is good while supplies last.


Benefits Of Epsom Salts

  • Epsom salts are a great way to deepen the effects of your massage
  • They help to balance over 600 enzymes in the body
  • They soothe the skin and fascial tissues for both beauty and health
  • They help the body purge lactic acid and other waste products stagnating in the tissues
  • They help cut down the time it takes to heal, getting you back out into the action faster
  • They help to sooth and balance the digestive system
  • They aid in the formation of proteins for joints and brain tissue.
  • And they help to reduce muscle tenderness after workouts.

Supporting Your Massage With Epsom Salt Baths

During injury, which includes micro strain and tears during exercise, our body will produce lactic acid along with many other hormones, byproducts, and supporting agents. While lactic acid is a natural byproduct of our bodies natural healing system, it has several drawbacks when not metabolized and removed from the muscles soon after. One of the larger negative reactions that lactic acid produces is the creation of adhesions. These sticky muscle and connective tissue knots, need to be softened and removed for health.  If they are not, then over time, the body will stiffen and have a greater potential for pain as the restrictions and adhesions continue to pile up.  Massage is very good at creating fluid flow to purge the waste products like lactic acid from the muscle tissues. The targeted pressure and kneading action of a massage is superior for removing all muscle tension, including any adhesions lactic acid build up may have caused.  Along with regular stretching, gentle movement exercises, and an active lifestyle, massage is an essential and powerful tool to keeping pain and stiffness away. However, Epsom Salt Baths following a massage can increase the amount of fluid flow to your muscles and ease any soreness caused by the massage itself. Adding a bath ritual to your home routine after a massage enhances the experience in several helpful ways.

How To Use Epsom Salt

At Back to bliss we offer a pre-mixed package of Epsom Salt.  We have mixed our quality mineral salts with baking soda and some have received our Signature Scent – Vata Season Essential Oil Blend.  This helps to more quickly pull lactic acid  from the tissues.  The body is able to purge it thought the skin instead of metabolizing it through the liver, which is a much slower process. Typically Epsom Salts are used as a bath additive, but they can also be used in a foot soak. A recommended amount is 1 cup of Epsom Salt per 100 pounds of body weight.  You can add the salts into the bath as you are filling it so they are well mixed in solution, but you can add them at any time without reducing their effectiveness.

We have prepared 2 cup and 4 cup bags of Epsom Salts; available in our Eco Boutique. During the month of October we will be offering a 10% discount for any epsom salt purchase.

Seasonal Balancing With Our Signature Scents

Our Signature Scents are one of our newest ways to keep things fresh and increase the health impact of our services and products. Our trimester based schedule flows with the movement of the seasons and our class offerings and signature scents will be tailor made to offer the support and balance needed by each season’s stresses.

Beginning this October we enter our Vata Balancing Trimester. It focuses on establishing routine, navigating the energetic flow as we lose the heat of summer and flow into the cold of fall, and calming the agitations brought on by the activity packed summer. Look for more blog posts about both our Trimester Schedule and the philosophies of health that it follows as well as about the powerful benefits that our Vata Season 2015 Signature Scent brings.

What’s In Our Signature Scent?

This season’s Signature Scent is a mixture of Orange, Ginger, Cypress, and Ylang Ylang essential oils. Our Signature Scent will be mixed into our Epsom Salts as well as added to our choice of massage oils when you receive a Signature Elemental Massage at Back To Bliss. Emily is busily adding more products to our list of offerings that will only be available until supplies run out this Vata Trimester.

The mixture of essential oils in our Signature Scent blend create a delicious spicy citrus tone with floral hints that will satisfy as the temperatures continue to drop outside. As we lose the heat of summer, the warmth of the ginger and the hints of citrus and floral ylang-ylang will gently calm our nerves with memories of summer without intensity and agitation. Overall, the scent will help to calm the nervous system and soothe the mind.

Product of The Month – September

Take 10% off

These amazing kits are exactly what you need to defend and strengthen damaged hair.  Take advantage of this months special product.

Offer good while supplies last this September.  Download the product of the month flyer here for complete details.


10% off Color Care Kit for the month of September
Actual Price-36.83 + tax
Retail value of $65.88

3 Piece Kit includes the following Products:

Probiotic Shampoo contains color-enhancing extracts of certified Organic Chia and Fennel. The Lactobacillus probiotics support a healthy scalp. While a combination of quinoa and vegetable proteins help protect, defend and strengthen damaged hair.

Probiotic Conditioner contains anti color fade extracts of Certified Organic Amla and Shea Butter.

Leave in Strengthening Spray has the healing properties of probiotics of hair care.

What Our Name Means

Why Back To Bliss?

A lot of people like our name, but not many know the deeper symbolism and meaning behind it.

The first part of our name is Back To. Heading ‘back to’ means that we have moved away from somewhere or something.  We can’t head back to it if we have never been there before, nor can we head back to a place from which we have never left. The second part of our name is Bliss.  To our understanding, bliss is an integral part of our human nature. We have simply left that state of being and seek to return back to it. It is Back To Bliss’ mission to help us return to our natural state of bliss, or at least experience that state more often and more fully throughout our lives.

Digging deeper into why we believe bliss to be part of our nature leads us to some yoga philosophy. The model of the Koshas is often the way that yogi’s teach how happiness is part of our nature, and how happiness relates to the other parts of our being. Kosha means ‘sheath,’ and the kosha model strives to explain the expansion outwards of a human being from innermost soul to the physical body. It seeks to show relationships between all the components of the being we each call “Me.”

The Kosha Model Is Pretty Simple:

At the center point of you is the soul; the deepest ‘I.’ Covering that is a sheath, or kosha, of bliss. This is the first sheath. Surrounding that layer of bliss is a layer of Intuitive knowing and connection. This sheath is a part of our consciousness that remains attuned to all of creation at a way beyond the mind. Surrounding the layer of Intuition is the layer of the Mind. Here is the layer of thought and the pool of memories and habits that we carry with us.  These give us our deepest drives and make up our underlying personalities. Surrounding the Mind Sheath is the Energy Sheath, or the sheath of emotion and breath.  And finally, the outermost sheath is our physical body. The call it the Food Sheath because it is made up of the foods that we have eaten.

You can visualize several rings around your deepest self, much like an onion has layers surrounding a core.

We would write it to look something like this:  ( “I” ) Bliss ) Intuition ) Mind ) Breath ) Body )

The model of the koshas states that each layer of your being is like a lamp shining outwards into your life in the present moment.  Combined, these lights give us vibrancy, capacity, and all the tools we need to process the stresses and joys of our life. However, stains begin to block the light of those deeper shining layers. By stains we mean things such as grief, anger, physical trauma, shock, and poor diet. These stains all clog the system in a way, decreasing its capacity and dimming our light. These stains can be so thick and dark that we lose the capacity to access all of our sheaths on a regular basis. They block our ability to access and express our potential for: happiness, intuitive knowing, clear thinking, expressive emotion, and pain free bodies. Often, the stains are so thick that we don’t have enough experience of true bliss to even know that it comes from within us. We don’t believe in intuition because we have so little access to it that we don’t remember how it works.

Back To Bliss Is A Philosophy, Not Just A Name

Back To Bliss strives to help all of us clear these stains from our being so that we can connect with our own potentials. When you can connect with the deepest parts of yourself you come to realize that your happiness does come from deep within you. Happiness does NOT rely on any external source.  By cleansing these stains, we allow the intrinsic lights of the deeper sheaths to shine outwards into the present moment where we can experience them.  The fact that we lose connection with those parts of us is the reason for our disconnection with bliss.  Back To Bliss strives to help you reconnect with the experience of living with access to all of our potentials. Hence it is back to bliss, because bliss was yours and continues to be yours.  You have just dimmed the lights and need a bit of help shining things up again.

The details of how to cleanse the sheaths are wrapped up within the expertise of Back To Bliss’ programming and service offerings.  And while we offer all of our services, classes, and products without pressure to all, those interested in deeper benefits will find them as they learn more and continue to practice regular wellness disciplines.

The best way to get started on learning more ways to live joyfully at Back To Bliss is to attend our Journey Of Wellness free class series held once a month. Over the course of our 12 monthly classes you will learn our philosophies and many practical ways to bring a little more bliss into your life.

Be Well,

Monica & Josiah Groth – Owners