Reflective Analysis: Foot Reflexology

To finish up our discussion on reflections within the body we will examine foot reflexology. For those who do not know what foot reflexology is, it is basically a specialized foot massage that was developed in the US during the 1930’s. What separates it from regular massage is the intention of whole body therapy through the reflections we have been talking about and massage that often includes more repetitions and deeper pressure points over the entire foot.

The ‘map’ that shows what parts of the foot reflect to different parts of the body retains the actual layout of the organs as they rest near and on top of one another. Foot reflexology is a great example to showcase Fact 3: spatial relationships are often retained in the reflected body part.   There is an easy way to see what I am talking about.  Have a friend stand ten feet away from you while you sit on a chair in front on them.  Lift your foot so that your toes line up with their head and your heal lines up with their hips.  The head reflects to the toes, the chest reflects to the ball of the foot.  The abdomen is reflected in the arch, and the hips reflect in the heel.

So, when massaging the foot, redness, tightness, numbness, or pain with the application of pressure indicates dysfunction from the body being reflected onto the feet.  When there is pain in the ball of the foot it can indicate lung, rib, or heart issues are present.  Pelvic issues can reflect to pain near the heel and ankle and so on.  The system of foot reflexology uses massage of the feet to stimulate the reflected area and thus help your body heal. This idea of using the reflections to send healing signals into the body instead of just analyzing the reflections is very consistent with the tenants of holism.

The last point I want to make we will call Fact #4: Intuition is a part of most reflective analysis. We started our series by talking about needing shortcuts that summarize vast amounts of information. Intuition is in essence unconscious processing of vast amounts of information. Allowing intuition to bypass the need for us to think through all the information that reflections are giving us allows us to get to the conclusions we need that we may not be able to with just our conscious mind alone. Thus, finding someone who has experience, deep knowledge of the system, and strong intuition can make reflexology, or any reflective analysis, startlingly accurate and powerful. Without any intuition, it can be just a nice foot massage.

Remember: You are whole.  All parts of you are interconnected. What happens to one part of you happens to all of you.

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