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Back to Bliss Wellness

Are you ready for the convenience of online booking?  Now you can check your history, create and change future appointments, and purchase gift certificates all from your phone or home.  Other great new features of our website include:

  • Online service descriptions.  No more PDF’s to download.
  • Integrated blog style communications that allow all of our articles and wellness posts to be available 24/7.
  • Easier navigation and more content!  Back To Bliss has a lot to offer.  Now we can more clearly let you know what we are doing and get you to where you want to.
  • Check our website from your phone!  Our website and emails are built to go mobile for easy viewing.
  • And thats just the beginning…

While there are many edits that still need to be made and content that needs to be written, we are excited to be moving forward with our new online presence.  We still have ecommerce, automated wellness courses via email, bliss garden volunteer programs, and much much more to come!

Online Booking

For those of you who want to jump into online booking, its all ready for you.  Just create an account with your email and off you go.  The link to get started is located at the top right corner of every page on our website.  Its pretty easy.  However, as we grow the system there will be several questions that will pop up.  We will be putting together a FAQ that will help answer all of them as we learn the system’s in and outs together.

Currently the most important question that people will have relates to our price level system.  The online booking system may not give the proper price level of the provider you are booking your appointment with.  We are working to get a complete list of service prices via price level attached to our website service descriptions to clarify the issue.  For the time being, if prices are wrongly quoted by our system they will be quoted as Advanced Level prices.  All of our systems are working properly at the front desk and you will be properly billed at that time.

Much more is to come.  We thank you for your patience and for your continued support.


Be Well,


Josiah Groth

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Website Revisions

This week we said goodbye to our website design theme, or rather it said goodbye to us. Our beautiful old look was made possible via a custom built theme that sadly turned into a real lumbering dinosaur in terms of its code. When I went to make some updates to the site this last week, it crashed, died and said goodbye forever.


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