6 Weeks of Savings

Every week from now until January 3rd, 2015 we are offering you some of our favorite products at a discounted rate.  Stock up on your favorites or share them with someone this holiday season.  These products make the perfect stocking stuffers!



Week 1 Nov 24th  – Nov 29th 15% off SpaRitual Nail Polish
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To Spot a Sneak Pt. 3

I find again and again in my practice that people look to be fixed. They want a product that changes them. They look to have something done TO them to create wellness. The problem is that they are so focused on the external cure, that they miss the wealth of benefits that can be had by working internally.   For a variety of reasons, we choose not to see our role in the process.   By working to adjust our attitudes, groom healthy habits, and to cultivate healthy perspectives, we open a huge world of potential ways to increase our health and happiness.

Have you ever wanted a piece of home gym equipment? That wonderful advertisement shows how good you can look. It seems so easy, and the results are exactly what you are looking for, right? However, we all know that without internal attitudes such as focus, determination, will power, flexibility, and goal setting, the only exercise it will give us is when we dust it.

Don’t let wellness sneak away from you. Look in both external and internal directions and you will catch a little more health and happiness.

Caution: Before you buy it ask yourself, “Will I use it?”

Worksheet: Make a list of five items/projects that will increase wellness in your life. Now under each of these, write down all of the habits that you have to create in order to make them work the way you want them to. The gym needs a schedule; the juicer needs fresh fruits and a recipe etc…. Next, write down the attitudes needed to keep each of these habits up over time. Do you need will power, positivity, how about aggressive focus, anger over your current situation? Last, make a list of the top five attitudes and put them next to your five items/projects. Now you have a list that is balanced with both external and internal goals that support and enhance each other.

Remember: Very often, you are both the cause of the disease, and the cure.