Wausau Location Special: 25% off First Massage or 20% off Packages

Spring special for our Wausau Location!

We would like to take a moment and thank all of the clients who have shown up in our Wausau location to help grow and support our mission.  Part of our mission is to offer affordable wellness to everyone.  We want you to make it part of your  monthly wellness ritual.

Spring is the time to cleanse and renew and this special will help you achieve that.  You can choose any of our offerings.  We recommend for you to cleanse into spring try our Lymphatic massage which is a detoxifying massage, or our most popular service the Signature Massage that comes with our Ayurveda scented oils to help balance your body.

Book An Appointment:

To book an appointment you can call our Main Center at 715.316.0040 or book online.  Redeeming your 25% off New Client you must be a new client to Back To Bliss.  Print the coupon and bring it in to your appointment or show it to your practitioner on your phone.   Purchase your package at 20% off click the link.Click here to buy Package at 20%off


Check out descriptions of our massage offerings

Gift Certificate Sale 2017

Mark Your Calendars!

Announcing our 10th Annual Gift Certificate Sale

Sunday, October 15th from Noon – 5pm

Read below for full details about our once a year sale. A pdf of our sale flyer ( Gift certificate sale flyer 2017 ) is also available for you to print off and hand to your loved ones and co-workers. Our Christmas Gift Certificates make amazing gifts to give to friends, family, and employees, but they might even be better to receive!

25% OFF Gift Certificates

  • $30 value /pay $22.50
  • $75 value /pay $56.25
  • $165 value /pay $123.75

These certificates are valid for all regular priced services and products at Back To Bliss except for packages, already discounted products or services, and Community Gym memberships. Limit of three 25% OFF certificates per person.

10 Year Sale Anniversary Special

This Year, when you purchase a max value ($165 value /pay $123.75) 25% OFF Gift Certificate, you will receive a Free Coupon valid for any one of the following services:

  • Valid @ Colby only – Free Massage For Your Mind – Hypnotherapy session
  • Valid @ Marshfield only – Free Small or Medium Waxing or Free Bliss Facial
  • Valid @ Wausau only – Free 30 minute Basic Massage

These Free coupons will all expire on Feb 12th, so make sure to get appointments made early. They highlight all of our newest therapists and services, so take advantage and try something new! And the best news is that you get a Free certificate for each $165 Gift Certificate you purchase, so you can get up to 3 Free Gifts.

25% OFF All Products

All products in stock are on sale for the day. Stock up on your favorites while supplies last.


Fine Print

  • All gift certificates must be brought in at the time of redemption.
  • Purchased 25% OFF GC’s expire one year after purchase.
  • We will mail gift certificates purchased for a $5 convenience fee.
  • Free coupons expire on Sunday, Feb. 12th 2018. This deadline is strictly enforced.
  • 25% OFF Gift Certificates will expire one year from purchase date.
  • Orders must be made between 12 noon and 5 pm.  Our sale only happens once a year and the time limit is strictly enforced.
  • For your convenience, we accept orders in person at our Marshfield, Wausau and Colby centers and via Phone, Email, and Facebook.
  • All payments for orders must be made in full by October 31st 2016 or they will be voided.
  • Referral cards are only valid for a person’s first visit at any Back To Bliss location.
  • This is our best sale of the year so mark your calendar, tell your friends, and don’t miss out!

Promotion Of The Month – April 2016

7 Days for $7

Enjoy this special price for the entire month of April.

This promotion is a deeply discounted 7 Day Unlimited Yoga Pass. Normally valued at $27, take advantage of this special offer this April and dig in for some serious yoga practice. The benefits of yoga are truly too numerous to count.


  • These Unlimited Passes allow you to take as many classes as you want during their duration.
  • Limit of 1 per person for the month.
  • The timeframe is calculated begining on the day you purchase them.
  • We offer yoga classes five days a week for the month of April.
  • These Unlimited Passes are technically memberships and have sales tax applicable.


Healthy Holidays December Class Schedule

Each December we put together a special class schedule designed to help us maintain our balance amidst the travel, emotion, and food. This year we have a special treat with the addition of a new 200 Hr. Certified Yoga Teacher, Melissa Lange, as well as Wellness Programs being taught by our Certified Acupuncturist, Jocelyn Mitchel.  Click here to read their bio’s.

In a Nutshell

  • Our Healthy Holiday Class Special runs from December 7th to New Years Eve.
  • All Group Classes, Programs, and Workshops that are offered at both locations are included in one special price.
  • Pre-registration will guarantee your spot in class, but all classes are drop-in ready. So, come to as many classes as you can at your convenience.
  • Bring friends when they are in town. All classes can also be purchased for our regular drop in rates.
  • Class times are varied; in part to allow for options on a hectic month, but also to get feedback for Melissa to set up our long term yoga schedule.
  • This is a great sampler. Test some new yoga styles, meet and learn from Jocelyn, enjoy some fun and stay connected to health this holiday month.
  • Your Healthy Holidays Unlimited Class Pass is non-transferable and will expire on Jan. 1st regardless of attendance.

All For One Low Price

Unlimited December Class and Program Pass – $39 includes

  • 25 yoga Classes
  • 8 Zumba Classes
  • 4 Wellness Discussions with our Acupuncturist
  • 1 Workshop on how to consciously create traditions and spaces filled with your intention.

Registration is Easy:

As part of our new system we will be urging everyone to register and purchase classes online. You can still easily pay and register at the front desk, but our online system gives you greater control over your account and makes it easy to register or cancel yourself from a class. With just a little bit of time you can have a Booker App on your phone (Apps for both Android and Apple are available) and have links to your account on your computer.  From there you can see our schedule and the passes you have purchased very easily.

Continued Evolution Of Classes

We have been working hard to implement some big changes to the way that we schedule and organize our classes. Most of those changes are made possible by our booking system, but we have revamped everything so that beginning in February we will have greater flexibility in the way we schedule, the ways you can purchase passes, and where and when you can sign up for classes.

This month we are unveiling two of these changes to our classes. First, there is a new way to purchase classes called the Unlimited Pass. Beginning this February we will have options for our regular class participants to purchase 7 Day and 30 Day Unlimited Passes. These Unlimited Passes can be purchased at any time and will begin and end from the date of the first use. This option will make it affordable for you to really commit to a fitness program and makes since for anyone taking more than three classes a week. Our Healthy Holidays special will be sold as our very first Unlimited Pass.

The second change we are implementing is in the length of our yoga classes. We will be changing all yoga class times to 75 minutes. This will part of a general movement to separate the 60 min. fitness classes and the yoga classes in structure. In the past, we merged the times of regular fitness classes and our yoga classes to match the capacity of our booking system. Now that we have both a more capable booking system and an additional certified yoga teacher, we will get back to offering the deeper components of relaxation, breath work and meditation that set yoga apart.

Wellness Class Descriptions

Wellness Talks with Jocelyn – Free & Open to Drop In as well as Healthy Holiday Unlimited Passes

December 7th, 6pm – Digestive health

December 14th, 6pm –  Cold and Flu Prevention and Natural Treatment

December 21st, 6pm – Stress

December 28th, 6pm – Fatigue / Energy



Product Of The Month – Epsom Salt

Epsom Salts

These amazing salts are a great health product that works through the skin to support and balance many of our bodily systems. Even though we work with them and recommend them all the time for our massage clients, when we pull out the list of benefits we are still amazed by their potency and the sheer range of benefits they bring. When you combine their effectiveness with the delivery method – a long relaxing soak in a deliciously hot bath, how could you not want to indulge? As our Product Of The Month for October, we will be offering a 10% discount for any epsom salt purchase. This offer is good while supplies last.


Benefits Of Epsom Salts

  • Epsom salts are a great way to deepen the effects of your massage
  • They help to balance over 600 enzymes in the body
  • They soothe the skin and fascial tissues for both beauty and health
  • They help the body purge lactic acid and other waste products stagnating in the tissues
  • They help cut down the time it takes to heal, getting you back out into the action faster
  • They help to sooth and balance the digestive system
  • They aid in the formation of proteins for joints and brain tissue.
  • And they help to reduce muscle tenderness after workouts.

Supporting Your Massage With Epsom Salt Baths

During injury, which includes micro strain and tears during exercise, our body will produce lactic acid along with many other hormones, byproducts, and supporting agents. While lactic acid is a natural byproduct of our bodies natural healing system, it has several drawbacks when not metabolized and removed from the muscles soon after. One of the larger negative reactions that lactic acid produces is the creation of adhesions. These sticky muscle and connective tissue knots, need to be softened and removed for health.  If they are not, then over time, the body will stiffen and have a greater potential for pain as the restrictions and adhesions continue to pile up.  Massage is very good at creating fluid flow to purge the waste products like lactic acid from the muscle tissues. The targeted pressure and kneading action of a massage is superior for removing all muscle tension, including any adhesions lactic acid build up may have caused.  Along with regular stretching, gentle movement exercises, and an active lifestyle, massage is an essential and powerful tool to keeping pain and stiffness away. However, Epsom Salt Baths following a massage can increase the amount of fluid flow to your muscles and ease any soreness caused by the massage itself. Adding a bath ritual to your home routine after a massage enhances the experience in several helpful ways.

How To Use Epsom Salt

At Back to bliss we offer a pre-mixed package of Epsom Salt.  We have mixed our quality mineral salts with baking soda and some have received our Signature Scent – Vata Season Essential Oil Blend.  This helps to more quickly pull lactic acid  from the tissues.  The body is able to purge it thought the skin instead of metabolizing it through the liver, which is a much slower process. Typically Epsom Salts are used as a bath additive, but they can also be used in a foot soak. A recommended amount is 1 cup of Epsom Salt per 100 pounds of body weight.  You can add the salts into the bath as you are filling it so they are well mixed in solution, but you can add them at any time without reducing their effectiveness.

We have prepared 2 cup and 4 cup bags of Epsom Salts; available in our Eco Boutique. During the month of October we will be offering a 10% discount for any epsom salt purchase.

Seasonal Balancing With Our Signature Scents

Our Signature Scents are one of our newest ways to keep things fresh and increase the health impact of our services and products. Our trimester based schedule flows with the movement of the seasons and our class offerings and signature scents will be tailor made to offer the support and balance needed by each season’s stresses.

Beginning this October we enter our Vata Balancing Trimester. It focuses on establishing routine, navigating the energetic flow as we lose the heat of summer and flow into the cold of fall, and calming the agitations brought on by the activity packed summer. Look for more blog posts about both our Trimester Schedule and the philosophies of health that it follows as well as about the powerful benefits that our Vata Season 2015 Signature Scent brings.

What’s In Our Signature Scent?

This season’s Signature Scent is a mixture of Orange, Ginger, Cypress, and Ylang Ylang essential oils. Our Signature Scent will be mixed into our Epsom Salts as well as added to our choice of massage oils when you receive a Signature Elemental Massage at Back To Bliss. Emily is busily adding more products to our list of offerings that will only be available until supplies run out this Vata Trimester.

The mixture of essential oils in our Signature Scent blend create a delicious spicy citrus tone with floral hints that will satisfy as the temperatures continue to drop outside. As we lose the heat of summer, the warmth of the ginger and the hints of citrus and floral ylang-ylang will gently calm our nerves with memories of summer without intensity and agitation. Overall, the scent will help to calm the nervous system and soothe the mind.

Product of The Month – September

Take 10% off

These amazing kits are exactly what you need to defend and strengthen damaged hair.  Take advantage of this months special product.

Offer good while supplies last this September.  Download the product of the month flyer here for complete details.


10% off Color Care Kit for the month of September
Actual Price-36.83 + tax
Retail value of $65.88

3 Piece Kit includes the following Products:

Probiotic Shampoo contains color-enhancing extracts of certified Organic Chia and Fennel. The Lactobacillus probiotics support a healthy scalp. While a combination of quinoa and vegetable proteins help protect, defend and strengthen damaged hair.

Probiotic Conditioner contains anti color fade extracts of Certified Organic Amla and Shea Butter.

Leave in Strengthening Spray has the healing properties of probiotics of hair care.

Gift Certificate Sale 2015

Mark Your Calendars!

Announcing our 8th Annual Gift Certificate Sale

Sunday, October 18th from Noon – 5pm

Read below for full details about our once a year sale. A pdf of our sale flyer ( gcsale-2015-flyer ) is also available for you to print off and hand to your loved ones and co-workers. Our Christmas Gift Certificates make amazing gifts to give to friends, family, and employees, but they also are great to receive!


25% OFF Gift Certificates – TO USE

  • $30 value /pay $22.50
  • $75 value /pay $56.25
  • $165 value /pay $123.75

These certificates are valid for all regular priced services and products at Back To Bliss except for packages, already discounted products or services, and Community Gym memberships. Limit of three certificates per person.

35% OFF Christmas Gift Certificates – TO GIVE

  • $25 value /pay $16.25
  • $50 value /pay $32.50
  • $75 value /pay $48.75

These amazingly discounted Christmas Gift Certificates must be purchased for another person. There is no limit to the number of people you can give to, or the number of free gifts you can receive (see below,)  so get your Christmas shopping done early and pamper yourself at the same time!  Each person can receive a limit of one Christmas Gift Certificate.

-Free with a Purchase of 3 Christmas Gift Certificates

For every three separate individuals you buy a Christmas Gift Certificate for, you will receive a FREE gift for yourself!   There is no limit to the number of people you can give to, or the number of free gifts you can receive.

Choose From Any Of The Following Free Gifts:

  • 60 min Reiki Service
  • Cleansing Bliss Facial
  • Single Waxing Service – up to $40 value
  • Make Up Application

All Free Gifts can be redeemed at any Back To Bliss location provided the service is on the menu. You may choose from any of the four options when making your appointment.

Due to our new software all gift certificates must be brought in at the time of redemption.  Purchased 25% and 35% OFF GC’s expire one year after purchase.  Free GC’s expire February 15th 2016.   Orders must be made between 12 noon and 5 pm.  Our sale only happens once a year and the time limit is strictly enforced.   For your convenience, we accept orders in person at our Marshfield and Colby centers and via Phone, Text, Email, and Facebook.  All payments for orders must be made in full by October 31st 2014 or they will be voided.     This is our best sale of the year so mark your calendar, tell your friends, and don’t miss out!

Tuesday is Senior Discount Day

Back To Bliss is more than your regular spa and salon.  We have a mission of wellness and community support that spans all we do.  Our high quality services and toxin free products are the foundation of that mission. It is how we connect, teach, and serve.  By offering targeted discount programs we are able to support our community as a whole and provide healthy and affordable services to those who need it most. We are pleased to begin offering Senior Discounts every Tuesday. We hope this helps keep regular wellness visits affordable for all the seniors in our community. Maintaining regular massage, nail, and beauty care is an important part of health and self esteem.

Starting August 1st, 2015: every Tuesday will be senior discount day at Back To Bliss.

The offer will be good for 10% off all services on Tuesdays at all locations. To qualify, you must be 60 years or older. To take advantage of this offer, simply ask for the senior citizen discount when you check out. The discount will be automatically applied at the register.

Back To Bliss does not allow double discounting, so no other discounts or promotional gift certificates can be used when taking advantage of this offer.


Our Other Community Support Offerings:

Annual Gift Certificate Sale: Take deep discounts for yourself to extend your ability to receive healthy alternatives for products and services.  This once a year sale also offers 35% off discounts for you to give the gift of wellness to those you love. By offering such deep discounts you can support the health and happiness of YOUR community of family and friends. Our Annual Sale is the 3rd Sunday of October every year.

Pregnancy Massage Discounts: During this most precious of times for growth and development of our next generation, we offer pregnancy massage for 20% lower than any of our regular massage rates.  This discount is for the entire term of your pregnancy and is always available to all expectant mothers.

Senior Citizens Discount Day: Helping those with more of a fixed income during the time of life when medical expenses and body aches and pains are growing is the goal.  Every Tuesday, seniors 60+ can take advantage of this offer.

Free Journey Of Wellness Program: Learn wellness practices and philosophies that help you take control of your life. Based on eastern and western philosophies and research, this free monthly program offers practical tips and access to proven ways to stay happier and healthier.



Student Massages Are Back!

From now until the end of September we are hosting another student massage therapist at Back To Bliss. Valerie Krause of Spencer will be available on Friday afternoons from 2-7 pm to offer her already great skills for massage.

She will be offering the following services at the Colby location, all bookable online or at 715.316.0040.

  • 30 Min Student Massage – $20
  • 45 Min Student Massage – $25
  • 60 Min Student Massage – $30
  • 75 Min Student Massage – $35
  • 90 Min Student Massage – $40
  • 60 Min Pregnancy Massage – $24
  • 60 Min Hot Stone Massage  – $30

Students offering their massage services at Back To Bliss are in their last section of schooling to become licensed massage therapists.  They are looking for experience, but have all the skills needed to give a wonderful massage. Student’s rates are drastically reduced to honor both their experience level and the need to give them some experience.  Book yours today, these prices are unbeatable and won’t last long!


A New Year, A New You Event

Join us for a special event.

Lets all get a jump start on our new years resolutions and focus on creating a new you this year!   Our classes are all free on this special event, so drop in to any or stay all day.


January 3, 2015

9 am- 2 pm


Back to bliss center for wellness

608 n division street, Colby 54421


Enjoy our offerings: sample classes, bath salt workshop, free chair massage and free make-up applications and mini lectures.  Let us help you reach your wellness goals.

Fitness                                                                                                                    Lecture

11 am   Yoga with Emily                                                                                    9 am        Ayurveda

11:30 am   Yoga with Josiah                                                                           10 am      Skincare and You

12pm         Qi Gong with Carrie                                                                       11 am      DIY Homecare

12 pm        Chemical Free Living

Visit our online scheduler to see what classes are regularly available for the 2015 winter/spring trimester.