What Is Hypnotherapy?

Have you ever tried to change a habit or behavior just to have it resurface? This happens because our conscious willpower, typically, can’t compete with the power of our subconscious mind, which is known to be where many of our behaviors, emotions, attitudes, and motivations are rooted. Every trauma, emotion, and feeling we experience from birth until this current moment is stored in our subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy allows us to access our subconscious mind and can be a very effective tool to help one resolve or release inner conflicts that may be getting in the way of their success, health, and happiness. However, it is not magic. Serious participation and the want and willingness to change must be present from the one who is seeking to resolve an issue or unwanted habit. Four keys to maximizing one’s own success, as a hypnotherapy client, are:

  1. Firmly believe that the issue or habit can be resolved or released.
  2. Being able to imagine one’s self as living successfully with the resolution or free from the current issue or habit.
  3. Participate for you, because you want to change.
  4. Expect one’s own success.

As a hypnotherapy client, one is allowing the hypnotherapist to use techniques to guide and help them to go into a deep state of relaxation, so that inner conflicts related to an issue or habit can be resolved, between the conscious and subconscious minds, by positive suggestions being given to the client by the hypnotherapist, which helps bring about the desired change.




If you are interested in seeing Nicole for hypnotherapy she is available at our Colby location no and also at our Wausau location on Friday’s starting mid October. Please call 715.316.0040 to begin.


Marshfield Welcomes A New Therapist: Caroline Miller

New Marshfield Team Member

Caroline Miller has joined our team and we couldn’t be more excited. She brings a wide range of talents and skills to our downtown Marshfield location and we know you will be happy with her great massage skills.

Caroline has worked as a hair stylist in Milwaukee for over a decade, and she brings her deep background in customer service with her as she begins her new journey in massage therapy. As an Associate Level therapist, she looks forward to growing her skills in relaxation, energetics, and therapy. Caroline will be training this September and will be able to provide waxing, facial, and body wrap services as well as massage later this fall.

She has already won over several clients. In the last week alone here is some of the feedback we have heard from her clients.

“She’s my new favorite!” 

“I will be back!”

“What a wonderful addition. You guys always find the best massage therapists around.”

“Her massage reminds me a lot of Joan Weber’s.”



Caroline is available for daytime, evening, and weekend appointments in our Marshfield location only.  To Learn more about her, check her bio on our Meet Our Team Page.


Associate Level

We haven’t had a new Associate Level therapist at Back To Bliss in a couple of years, so take advantage of her great prices to get to know her. Associate Level is an experience designation at Back To Bliss and we have set our Associate Level as our lowest price.  For more information on our price levels see the following link to a video on the topic:



Considering A Career In Massage Therapy?

A Local Opportunity

Back To Bliss is offering a class that was developed by a massage therapy school as a ‘first look’ into the career. When potential students would question whether or not they were ready to commit to a full year long massage therapy program, the school would steer them towards a version of the 15-hour course we are offering. Let’s face it, the commitment of time and money is often scary. Many potential students know they like to give back rubs to family and friends, but they have very little real experience or knowledge about professional massage. This course is the answer to these questions. It was designed to teach a full body oil massage in a group setting.

Students expressing any interest in Massage Therapy as a career can get an authentic experience of what it would be like to give massages as a professional. Taking this course will give enough experience to confirm or remove any doubts about massage as a career before students take the large step of committing to a full program.

Course Details

The course material covers a full body oil massage on professional tables. It is a public class for all ages. Minors under the age of 18 can attend with parental consent. We actually encourage parents to take the class with their child so they can talk about the career choice together. You can also find an online link to information regarding this massage course below:

Several people have expressed interest in this course already, but the dates we have scheduled for our first run don’t work for them. If you also interested but looking for other times that work for your schedule, please contact us with what does work for you so we can set up a second course time that does work for you.

Currently Scheduled

Choose from any of the following three six week sessions.

Session 1: 3/22 – 4/7 – Wed and Fri nights from 6:30-9 @ YRC

Session 2: 4/25 – 5/30  –  Tuesday nights from 6:30-9 @ YRC

Session 3: 7/2 – 8/6  –  Sundays from 3 – 6:30 @ Colby


6 classes. 2.5-3 hours each.

Fee: $125 / person or $200 / couple if signing up together.

Now Hiring Therapists For New Wausau Location

A New Facility

Monica and Josiah Have been looking for new opportunities to grow over the last several months. Finding all the right pieces to grow has and continues to be the dictating factor for opening our next facility. Enough pieces have fallen into place that we can announce our intention to open in Wausau.

The facility we have in mind would duplicate the size and tone of our Marshfield Satellite. To begin, we would develop it as a wellness spa; with yoga, salon, skin, and nails all as future options. The facility lies on 17th right across from Marathon Park. Everything is set for us to sign a lease except for new staff. If we can find two full-time massage therapists or the equivalent to join our Wausau Team, we will open later this spring.

Massage Therapists Needed

Who would fit in well with our Team? Back To Bliss is a facility that honors the individual strengths of our team members. We offer a wide array of massage techniques from deeply technical therapy to blissful relaxation. As a facility we allow you to focus on your strengths. Our team will help direct clients to you that best fit your strengths. We create a team environment that is client service oriented, not competitive amongst therapists.

Through cooperation and professional teamwork, we build a much more powerful experience for our clients. This means we are looking for long term career minded therapists as well as team oriented ones. Our system of pricing on a leveled bases helps therapists receive timely raises. It also provides information on the experience level clients should expect when they choose a provider. This clarity honors both our team member’s growth in their careers as well as client preferences on price and experience.

We look to attract long-term relationships with clients. We are not a resort spa or a medical clinic, but a facility focused on balanced wellness; providing great clinical massage therapy in a spa-like atmosphere. Our multiple facilities, with their different departments, offer options for our clients to pursue wellness on their own terms as part of a lifestyle focused on health and happiness. To this end, therapists that can build positive therapeutic relationships with their clients find our philosophy and tone a good match. If you are solely focused on specialty populations or have no interest in building longer term clients, then you will find a better home elsewhere.


Training & Perks

While still a small business, Back To Bliss offers support that many employers do not for massage therapists. We have regular team meetings with in-house education. We encourage you to trade and learn from other therapists during your down time. Public classes taught by in-house teachers all have discounts or are free to team members. This summer we are offering yoga, Bach Flower, Your First Meditation, and Reiki Certification classes to name a few of the options for staff. As a whole, the potential for your personal growth in our team atmosphere is a real part of why people stay with us.

Our philosophy is based in holistic wellness and the atmosphere we create for our team members is as relaxed as we can make it while still holding accountability for success and professionalism. Our focus on your personal growth is great for self-motivated people who want to learn their craft and then learn how to help more and more people. We offer flexible schedules, phone app based schedule and online booking system, significant levels of autonomy/respect/responsibility, and support. In short, you need to have a relatively stress-free work environment to grow and provide stress relief to our clients.

We offer commission based pay for both retail and services. All new team members have an hourly minimum wage as they build their clientele and will receive whichever is greater, their commission amount or their hourly. This supportive structure eases the transition into any new facility while client relationships are built.

We are a profit share based model. Everyone earns their regular wage for work, and as each facility reaches higher levels of success, larger and larger portions of profit will be returned to the team members. We all share in the success of positive work habits. Profit sharing is available after 2 years of employment.

To Learn More

Contact our front desk at 715.316.0040. Our receptionists will provide you with an email to send resumes and give your contact information to our Owners, Josiah & Monica. Training begins asap at our Colby location.

Training Announcement – Craniosacral Class

Three Therapists Attended Training

This August, three massage therapists at Back To Bliss attended a weekend certification course in Craniosacral Therapy.

Sarah, Jodi, and Rachelle getting their CEU's.

Sarah, Jodi, and Rachelle getting their CEU’s.

What Is Craniosacral Therapy (CST)?

CST is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system – comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.

Simply put, there is a deeper and more subtle pumping system in our body than the heart and cardiovascular system. That more subtle system surrounds the central nervous system and brain. Just like muscles all over the body tighten in response to stress, so too do the fascial linings of this deeper pumping system. When the pumping system that cleanses, nourishes and detoxifies our central nervous system starts getting wear and tear due to the accumulation of stress, all sorts of negative symptoms can spring up.  In many ways the fluid of this pumping system can be likened to the oil in our car. If it doesn’t get processed via a healthy pumping action it will stark to get gunky and then our entire central nervous system will run sluggishly. Since this system nourishes our nervous system directly the list of symptoms a good craniosacral treatment can help benefit is quite wide and profound.

What does it help?

According to Dr. John Upledger, a pioneer and leading american trainer, craniosacral therapy is ideally suited for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, headaches, chronic middle ear infection, pain, and general health maintenance.

It is recommended for autism, fibromyalgia, heart disease, osteoarthritis, pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic sinus infections, and gastroenteritis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach or small intestine). It is also used with other therapies to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, back pain, and menstrual irregularity. In addition, other craniosacral practitioners have reported benefits for eye dysfunction, dyslexia, depression, motor coordination difficulties, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), hyperactivity, colic, asthma in babies, floppy baby syndrome, whiplash, cerebral palsy, certain birth defects, and other central nervous system disorders. 

Craniosacral Training Supplies

How does it differ from other massages?

As with most specialty massage techniques, the way that you are touched and what body parts the we focus on depends on the result we are looking for. With craniosacral therapy, there are several key notes that make it stand out.

  • The touch is feather light. This massage taps into a very subtle rhythm and facial system.  A very light touch is often best because it is enough to create a strong result, but also not so strong that we distort your natural rhythms through our work.
  • The service is most often done fully clothed. As a predominantly fascial massage we want our hands to be slightly tacky and to hold on the skin instead of to slide along it as we do with an oil massage.
    • We can access all of the body parts we need through the clothing. Without the concern of oil ruining your clothing, we can do everything we need without the need to remove clothing.
    • You certainly can remove belts, shoes, jeans and other obstructive clothes for comfort, but disrobing is not a necessary part of the service.
  • The service is aimed at opening the cerebrospinal fluid system. Most of the massage will be focused on the head, face, and spine because this is where we can most easily affect that system.
  • Part of the science of this modality is for us to use your body’s rhythms and pulses to help find obstructions in the cerebrospinal system. This means that we may move your limbs in repeating rhythms, circles, or other patterns to feel for asymmetry and other disturbances in your cerebrospinal rhythm. Very often we will work in repeating patterns of movement as well as long holds to bring awareness and healing to your cerebrospinal system.
  • These services can often be very long. A 90 minute session is very common. At Back To Bliss, our services only extend to 2 hours, but at many other facilities a 3 hour craniosacral therapy session is normal. We recommend testing this modality out for a 60 minute service first. If you like it, then you can extend the times to the recommended 90 minute session as desired.
  • The teatment is very blissful. The quiet, gentle and rhythmic nature of this massage combined with the genuinely amazing experience of feeling myofascial releases in your body is entrancing. Very often clients will become so absorbed in the internal experience that they will completely lose track of time.
    • As a side note, I have had many clients get mad because they think their massage was cut short when in fact it was extra long. This happens often due to the deep trance like focus experienced during this massage.
    • I have personally had this experience. My session felt like it was only ten minutes long when the therapist took her hands away and said thank you. Basically, the first ten minutes that I remember was how long it took to pull my mind in. The service kept my mind engaged fully until the very last touch and I completely lost connection with the passage of time. It was amazing.
  • As with most specialty massage types, these will have compounding effects when received in a series.

How to Get One?

At Back To Bliss we currently have five massage therapists that are now trained in this service.

  1. Josiah
  2. Carrie
  3. Jodi
  4. Rachelle

Please call our front desk line at 715.316.0040 or go to our online booking system to schedule today.

Gift Certificate Sale 2016

Mark Your Calendars!

Announcing our 9th Annual Gift Certificate Sale

Sunday, October 16th from Noon – 5pm

Read below for full details about our once a year sale. A pdf of our sale flyer ( Gift certificate sale flyer 2016_Online ) is also available for you to print off and hand to your loved ones and co-workers. Our Christmas Gift Certificates make amazing gifts to give to friends, family, and employees, but they also are great to receive!

25% OFF Gift Certificates

  • $30 value /pay $22.50
  • $75 value /pay $56.25
  • $165 value /pay $123.75

These certificates are valid for all regular priced services and products at Back To Bliss except for packages, already discounted products or services, and Community Gym memberships. Limit of three certificates per person.

25% OFF All Products

All products in stock are on sale for the day. Stock up on your favorites while supplies last.

35% OFF Referral Cards

Show Your Bliss by helping spread the joy of massage and natural beauty products offered at Back To Bliss. These referral cards will be available at a deep incentive for people new to our facility.  When redeemed, the cards also offer you points for your referral that you can spend just like cash at Back To Bliss.

Show Your  Bliss is our receprocity and generosity program. Basically, as a business, we strive to make sure everyone knows we have a legitimate mission of wellness and an intention to do good through the vehicle of our business operations.  Show Your Bliss is a way that you can support us as well as support that mission of keeping our communities healthy and bright.

Whenever you purchase a shirt with our logo, refer a friend, or bid on a auction item with a Back To Bliss gift certificate on it, you are showing your bliss. These good will offerings help spread the mission of wellness as well as help create community and we thank you for that support.


Fine Print

  • Due to our new software all gift certificates must be brought in at the time of redemption.
  • Purchased 25% OFF GC’s expire one year after purchase.
  • Orders must be made between 12 noon and 5 pm.  Our sale only happens once a year and the time limit is strictly enforced.
  • For your convenience, we accept orders in person at our Marshfield and Colby centers and via Phone, Email, and Facebook.
  • All payments for orders must be made in full by October 31st 2016 or they will be voided.
  • Referral cards are only valid for a person’s first visit at any Back To Bliss location.
  • This is our best sale of the year so mark your calendar, tell your friends, and don’t miss out!

Promotion Of The Month – September 2016

Our September 2016 Promotion of the Month is:


Buy 1 get 1 half off

Liter Sale


Valid for all of our shampoo and conditioner liters.

This is a great time to stock up on all your hair care needs. Included in this sale are all of our regular product lines:

Organic Coloring Systems

Malibu Wellness



This sale is good until the end of September 2016. We hope you take advantage and bring some excellent natural hair care products into your home at a great discount.

Promotion Of The Month – April 2016

7 Days for $7

Enjoy this special price for the entire month of April.

This promotion is a deeply discounted 7 Day Unlimited Yoga Pass. Normally valued at $27, take advantage of this special offer this April and dig in for some serious yoga practice. The benefits of yoga are truly too numerous to count.


  • These Unlimited Passes allow you to take as many classes as you want during their duration.
  • Limit of 1 per person for the month.
  • The timeframe is calculated begining on the day you purchase them.
  • We offer yoga classes five days a week for the month of April.
  • These Unlimited Passes are technically memberships and have sales tax applicable.


March and April Class News

Read below to get up to date on recent and upcoming class news.

Saturday Vinyasa – Cancelled. Melissa has several scheduling conflicts coming up so we have removed the Saturday morning Vinyasa from the schedule.

Thursday Yoga – The two yoga classes on Thursday will be slimmed down to one class. Please give Melissa feedback on which time to keep when you come to class over the next couple weeks.


Awakening Your Intuition is happening March 2oth at our McMillian Location. This amazing seminar is a great entry into helping understand what intuition is as well as how to navigate making your connection with intuition stronger.

Seminar details can be found here.


2016 Facelift and Menu Of Services Revamp

Its been over five years since we moved into our new Colby facility. There has been a lot of growth and development during that time and it has been quite a while since we have made any large changes to the way we do things. However, its time to comb through our offerings and streamline things so that we can continue offering the best service we can. We are sprucing up the place a bit with some new decorations to keep our facility looking great. And, most importantly, we have some fairly significant sprucing ups planned for our Menu Of Service offerings across the whole facility.

Why change things? Well first of all, the space has seen tons of use. Everyone likes the renewed energy of a remodeled and it’s time to reinvigorate our facility. Now that the salon remodel is done, it is brighter than ever before, which helps our stylists see more acurate colors and nuances in the cuts that they give.  It gives a ‘new car’ feel to the whole place, and that renewal is good for all of us. But, the biggest reason for the planned changes is that we have learned from our experience. We have learned what was too complex, what wasn’t well received, and what worked really well. Our menu of services remodel will streamline and focus what worked for everyone to have a better experience.

So, in a nutshell, expect big changes that focus on:

  1. Enhancing the quality of your experience.
  2. Enhancing the clarity of our communication with you.
  3. Improving the way we apply our core philosophies of wellness throughout our interaction with you.

The goal is nothing less than providing you with better results! After all, that is our mission, to get you back into a state of connection with your heart where you can live confidently, courageously, compassionately, and joyfully. We mean it, and that is why we are mustering the effort to cleanse and renew our space; for greater quality of service to our community.

Here are the major adjustments we are making and the rough timeline:

Feb 1st – Launched the new Yoga and Fitness Class policies and payment options to accomodate more flexibility for students. Now there are no more restrictions to starting and taking classes any time you are ready. Check out the full list of policy and price changes already implemented here. These changes should remove many of the barriers to starting and taking class whenever you are inspired to do so!

Feb 12th –  The launch of a new price level, Experienced Level, and the Promotion of Crystal Chenier as our first Experienced Level Provider. This new level lies in between Advanced and Senior. This fine tuning of our level system will keep promotions consistent allowing our staff to receive regular raises and allowing Back To Bliss to keep the best talent in the area. We made the choice to add a level and increase our complexity here because we place such strong requirements on our providers to get their promotion to Senior Level. These requirements all involve our practitioners being able to mentor, educate, and exude the wisdom that only can come from 7-10 years of practice in our craft. Thus, simply accelerating the pace of level advancement doesn’t really work for us, and we needed to add one final level to fine tune and complete our level system.

This change affects three other providers in our facility. Jessica Hopperdietzel will be moved to Experienced Level, her prices remain unchanged. Carrie Schug and Monica Groth are both Senior Level Providers and the addition of a new lower level means that the prices of the senior level have risen. The price increase on Senior Level Services, affecting Carrie and Monica, goes into affect on March 1st.

Late Feb. – Your Online Booking Experience is being simplified. Updates to our software now allow us to remove the complexity of listing every level for every service as an option for you to choose. Now all services will automatically have the appropriate price for the level of provider you choose applied automatically. We are also busy preparing materials that explain how to use our online booking service.

Early March – Menu Of Services Adjustments Will Begin – We will begin changing service names, adding additional services and restructuring the Menu Of Services. This process should be gentle and will be processed throughout the month, however there will certainly be a learning curve while we all get used to new names and options. Several services will be discontinued at this time.

Adjusting the prices of our spa services so that they are less complicated. We already have many prices because of our price levels. Now all of our spa services will follow either a basic pricing or a specialty pricing track. Specialty services will be those services that individual therapists have specialized training in beyond that expected by Back To Bliss and beyond what is typically offered in schools. This means that some services will have their price dropped and some raised to conform to one of the two pricing tracks.

The Restructuring of our Signature Elemental Massage will allow us to have consistency in our “signature” services across all departments. Basically we have created a Basic Massage to complement our Signature Massage. The signature massage will be the same as we have always provided, but will be placed onto our speciality pricing track (which is an increase) while our basic massage will be available without any ayurvedic aromatherapy oils at the lower pricing track.

Renaming and changing our Salon services so that we can more clearly communicate. It is a struggle to appropriately communicate our needs in terms of time required, amount of color needed, and other nuance in just a few short service offerings. We keep working on making the process clear so that as many questions about price and length of service time are answered as early as possible. The addition of online booking makes the need for clarity in our service descriptions and names even greater. The salon services are being extensively adjusted to improve the quality of communication so that we get you booked for the appropriate length of time.

Removal of many programs and services from the menu. We pride ourselves on accomodating your preferences, however it is just as important to be clear and simple. We have tried many things over the years to help make wellness available. Many services such as our body ease series have been removed from our menu completely due to lack of customer interest. Programs such as our Corporate Wellness Programs, Senior Citizen Tuesday Discount Day, and others have been removed for the same reason. Other discounts and services have been tweaked or adjusted to make them work better such as our pregnancy massage discount, which is having its discount amount moved over to a package option so it can conform to our new policy of offering only two pricing tracks.

Late March – Remodeling the front desk area. Moving the reception desk will increase the ease and effecieny of flow. As we have grown, we are witnessing the change in noise levels and the way that our front desk traffic flows. This simple adjustment should make a noticable difference in the quality of your experience.

April 1st – Launch of new Cash Discount Program aimed at keeping business local and helping our community stay strong. Basically, our business has seen a dramatic increase in credit card payments over the last couple years. This cost, along with other several other general cost of doing business increases, has become significant enough that we are implementing a gentle price increase across the entire facility. However, we are launching our cash discount program, where all cash transactions will receive a 1% discount at the register to coincide with the price increase.

April – Adjustments and updates to all of our intake forms. We want to make sure we are serving your needs. As both a spa, salon, and a therapy center, the intake process can sometimes ask too many questions or too few. Basically we want to streamline this entire process so that we give you better service. Two of the main adjustments will be the addition of a more complete health history intake for our therapy focused clients and a system that will help you choose to provide more frequent feedback. We want to make sure you can adjust your preferences based on changes to your mood, health, or provider. Opening a formal way to communicate is important to us so that you can always continue to get the best service.

These adjustments are substantial, but we know that by June, your experience (and results) at Back To bliss will be much better. Thanks for working with us as we make these changes. We know they will pave the way so that we can continue to serve you and our community now and long into the future.

Be Well,

Josiah Groth ~owner


Happy Holidays From Back To Bliss

The entire Back To Bliss family wants to wish you a wonderful holiday season.

Thank you so much for your support. You are the reason we choose to do what we do.


Happy Holidays!

Here are our holiday hours this year:

  • Christmas Eve: Reception is open until 3pm
  • Christmas Day: Closed all locations
  • New Years Eve: 10-7pm
  • New Years Day: Closed all locations


If you can’t stop by or are in a time crunch, you can always purchase gift certificates online from Back To Bliss any time. Its easy, convenient, and you can print gift certificates at your home to include in envelopes or you can email the gift certificate along with any special messages directly to the recipient.