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The Journey To Flawless Skin

Why Skin Care is important: More often than not, people look past the fact that a skin routine is a very important part of their daily routine. You may ask why? Well our skin is the largest organ on our body so why shouldn’t you be giving it more attention than anything else. The exposure […]

Back Facials ARE a thing!

When you hear the service back facial you probably think “a facial for your back?” Well that’s just what it is. Back facials are more beneficial for you than you may think. Taking care of more than just your face is the key to having glowing, healthy skin all over. After all the back is […]

The Dirty Truth About Brazilians

There are so many people out there who are afraid to come in for a Brazilian because of the mystery it hides. Well, there’s really no mystery, continue reading to find out what really happens during a Brazilian and how to prepare for it. This article will help answer your questions so that you can […]