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Ego Pt. 1: The I Maker

Ego can be described as self identity.  It is the “I maker.”  Its job is to deferentiate between you and the not you.  For many people the ego is taken in negative light.  However, the ego plays very necessary roles in our psyche.  Like all things, when it is misunderstood and allowed to fall into […]

Soulful Beauty Event

May 2nd 2015 Is A Day Just For You Enjoy services and participate in our soulful nurturing workshops designed to inspire, pamper and renew you!  Begin the day by waking up your Chi to get your artistic juices flowing.  Our paint away workshop is a blast!  The lovely bridge over flowing water with a fall […]

A Bit About Stress

If you look through the top diseases that kill us in America, you will find one risk factor that most of them share.  You guessed it, stress.  I thought we might want to take a closer look at stress to get a handle on this risk factor that all of us have. A very basic […]

Time For Chai

A Yogi’s Drink Chai is the chosen drink of yogi’s because of several reasons: 1: Caffeine helps to keep the mind awake when you are practicing deep breathing, meditation, and relaxation; these practices bring your body to a state on the verge of sleep.  The extra stimulating boost that chai gives you can mean the […]

Growing More Grass

Our language is telling.  It creates fundamental associations that underlie what assumptions we make and how we will tend to act/react.  I’m writing today about non-violence, but grass is more commonly used in another context today.  When you read the title of this column, did you think about marijuana?  Maybe you associated the title with […]

Longevity To What Purpose

Our culture today is obsessed with the length of our lives.  We pat ourselves on the back about it all the time.  Statistically I can expect to make it 74 years!  Sounds pretty great, but is longevity alone deserving of all the accolades?  As soon as we add quality of life and quality of mind […]

Momentum Of Disease

Did you know that disease has momentum?  The process of us moving from vibrancy and health to fatigue and depletion, then sickness, and finally disease and death can be seen as a process of momentum.  Taking a look at the momentum of a disease can be enlightening and very helpful as you plan for wellness. […]

A New Year, A New You Event

Join us for a special event. Lets all get a jump start on our new years resolutions and focus on creating a new you this year!   Our classes are all free on this special event, so drop in to any or stay all day. WHEN: January 3, 2015 9 am- 2 pm WHERE: Back […]

Putting Intention Into Tradition

As it turned out, we ended up with a monochromatic tree this year.  It is filled with beautiful silver-blue  ribbons, bulbs, and lights.  There was one single exception; a blast of color that was easy to see.   At first glance the color seemed out of place.  It didn’t come from a specific ornament; it came […]