New Wausau Location – Opening Deals

Don’t Miss Out

As we open a new location, we like to put together a few great deals to get the ball rolling. This helps us build new relationships and spread the word faster. So, please, take advantage of these great opening offers. They won’t come again.

Door Busters – Be The First!

For those daring and caring souls who want to bust down the door of our new facility, we have just the thing.

The VERY first 40 60 min massage appointments we make at our new Wausau location will receive a great discount, so call NOW to get the best deals. This offer applies to all basic and signature massages.

  • The First 5 receive 70% OFF
  • The 2nd 5 receive 60% OFF
  • The 3rd 10 receive 50% OFF
  • The 4th 10 receive 40% OFF
  • The 5th 10 receive 30% OFF

Spread The Word

Word of mouth and referrals are the best form of gratuity. We have some great referral bonuses going on this spring at Wausau. Referral cards are available at all locations, so if you know anyone in the Wausau area that might enjoy and benefit from our services, grab one the next time you come in.

They will be marked with a deep discount for the person you are giving it to. But, to say thank you to you, when that person comes in for their first service we will be sure to give you $10 worth of points. These points are good for anything at Back To Bliss and can be used anytime.

Package Savings

Many of our policies are built around making massage accessible and more effective. Our packages are a great tool to get some discounts as well as to commit to a regular wellness plan. To start things off in Wausau we will be discounting our Buy 6 Get 1 Free Packages by an additional 5%. With this deal, you can extend the time you receive savings deep into the year.

Ask about this deal when you come in. The package can be purchased on the same day as your service and applied immediately to that day’s service. We will be offering this package discount until the end of June.

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