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Continuing Education

This November our newest massage therapist, Kesi Krueger, completed her third weekend of continuing education in the art of Kinesio Taping. The class, hosted by the University of Milwaukee, took place on November 4th and 5th, 2016. An upcoming date in December will complete her level 1 and 2 education in Kinesio Taping. This class, consisting of 24 hours of total instruction, will giver her the skills to practice this great modality at Back To Bliss starting (officially) in January of 2017.

What Is Kinesio Taping?

Kinesio Taping is the application of special tape that will help to heal injuries by increasing circulation and lymphatic flow as well as support the muscle while the injury is acute. If you commonly sprain or strain muscles, this will help cut down recovery time and help you get back to your workout/ training quickly. People trained in its use understand how to apply it in such a way that it provides therapeutic tension and support to desired muscle groups. Much like a cast or a splint, but with much more freedom in range of motion as well as being valuable for muscle, joint, and connective tissue therapy.

Kinesio Tape was first introduced in 1979. Kinesio Taping is a modality that can be applied and worn for extended periods with continued therapeutic benefit between clinical visits. It is appropriate for any stage of your treatment plan: acute, sub-acute rehabilitative, and chronic.  It can allow normal range of motion. The effect of the tape changes with different applications. It can be worn for 3-5 days or longer, with good skin tolerance.  It works 24/7 around the clock. It is effective for all ages. 

Who Can Benefit?

Basically everyone can benefit. It is effective for all age ranges and most occupations. This therapy works as its own therapy, but when used in conjunction with massage or other manual therapy increases the effectiveness of that service. People with muscle imbalance, postural insufficiency, circulatory and lymphatic conditions, ligament, tendon and joint injuries, fascial adhesions and scars, pathological movement patterns, neurological conditions, and so much more can all benefit from this modality.

Very often we see athletes showing Kinesio Tape on their arms and back. And, while it is by no means limited to athletes, they very commonly will use it because it has a lot of benefits particular to their needs. Kinesio Taping helps athletes heal faster, but also sometimes allows them to continue training during the process of healing, which allows them to stay competitive faster. Athletes also find great benefit in the preventative side of Kinesio Taping. They can tape a joint that is sore or has a tendency to get injured to keep from losing production or minimize the severity and amount of injury.

Another great benefit of Kinesio Taping is that it is something that you can do at home to help reduce the costs of therapy.  By buying your own tape and having our therapists show you how to apply it at home you can take your health into your own hands.





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