Why Choose Us? – We have receptionists

Why Choose Us?

We know you have options out there for salon and spa personal services. Here is a series of short posts pointing out some of things that set us apart from others in the area. We want you to get the best service from the business and providers you choose, regardless if that is Back To Bliss or not. These posts should help you think about the type of service and interaction that you need in order to have a great experience. In today’s post, we highlight one (of the many) reasons to choose Back To Bliss for all your spa, salon, acupuncture, and yoga services:

We Have Receptionists

Have you ever been getting your hair done, deep in a great conversation, and then the phone rings?

“One second, I’ll be right back.”

At Back To Bliss, we are committed to service. One of those commitments is that we provide receptionist coverage

six days a week. Receptionists are a serious cost to any business, and most of the stylists, massage therapists, yoga studios, and other service providers in our area can’t or won’t commit to providing dedicated receptionists to help serve their clients.

At Back To Bliss, having receptionists means:

  • You won’t have your service interrupted constantly by a phone call. After all, you are paying for the service, not the person on the phone.
  • Our receptionists have regularly scheduled hours. They are available so you can stop by to make purchases or have questions answered and know someone will be there during those times. Not all of our locations have a receptionist and we know how much extra work is involved in aligning schedules to make sure we are there in person for you.
  • Our receptionists provide a barrier between you and your providers. This extra level of professionalism is a serious perk.
    • Many times you and a therapist or stylist just won’t click and you will want to try someone different. The receptionist makes all of the conversations about you getting the preferences you need easy. They will help you sort through the different providers we have to match you with their best (educated) guess.
    • You won’t have to worry about interrupting your providers personal time by calling any time of day or night about your appointments. Just leave us a message any time thats convenient for you.
    • You can enjoy a deeper therapeutic relationship with your providers because the ‘business’ of scheduling and billing etc, is handled by someone else. Your service provider can just be there to serve you.
  • You know you can get a hold of someone quickly. Your schedule is always changing, and having a receptionist means you can talk to someone and see if the appointment schedule can be wiggled to fit those changes.


little receptionists

We have recently added our reception staff to the Meet Our Team page. Check out their smiling faces there.

Yours In Service,

The Back To Bliss Team

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