What Our Name Means

Why Back To Bliss?

A lot of people like our name, but not many know the deeper symbolism and meaning behind it.

The first part of our name is Back To. Heading ‘back to’ means that we have moved away from somewhere or something.  We can’t head back to it if we have never been there before, nor can we head back to a place from which we have never left. The second part of our name is Bliss.  To our understanding, bliss is an integral part of our human nature. We have simply left that state of being and seek to return back to it. It is Back To Bliss’ mission to help us return to our natural state of bliss, or at least experience that state more often and more fully throughout our lives.

Digging deeper into why we believe bliss to be part of our nature leads us to some yoga philosophy. The model of the Koshas is often the way that yogi’s teach how happiness is part of our nature, and how happiness relates to the other parts of our being. Kosha means ‘sheath,’ and the kosha model strives to explain the expansion outwards of a human being from innermost soul to the physical body. It seeks to show relationships between all the components of the being we each call “Me.”

The Kosha Model Is Pretty Simple:

At the center point of you is the soul; the deepest ‘I.’ Covering that is a sheath, or kosha, of bliss. This is the first sheath. Surrounding that layer of bliss is a layer of Intuitive knowing and connection. This sheath is a part of our consciousness that remains attuned to all of creation at a way beyond the mind. Surrounding the layer of Intuition is the layer of the Mind. Here is the layer of thought and the pool of memories and habits that we carry with us.  These give us our deepest drives and make up our underlying personalities. Surrounding the Mind Sheath is the Energy Sheath, or the sheath of emotion and breath.  And finally, the outermost sheath is our physical body. The call it the Food Sheath because it is made up of the foods that we have eaten.

You can visualize several rings around your deepest self, much like an onion has layers surrounding a core.

We would write it to look something like this:  ( “I” ) Bliss ) Intuition ) Mind ) Breath ) Body )

The model of the koshas states that each layer of your being is like a lamp shining outwards into your life in the present moment.  Combined, these lights give us vibrancy, capacity, and all the tools we need to process the stresses and joys of our life. However, stains begin to block the light of those deeper shining layers. By stains we mean things such as grief, anger, physical trauma, shock, and poor diet. These stains all clog the system in a way, decreasing its capacity and dimming our light. These stains can be so thick and dark that we lose the capacity to access all of our sheaths on a regular basis. They block our ability to access and express our potential for: happiness, intuitive knowing, clear thinking, expressive emotion, and pain free bodies. Often, the stains are so thick that we don’t have enough experience of true bliss to even know that it comes from within us. We don’t believe in intuition because we have so little access to it that we don’t remember how it works.

Back To Bliss Is A Philosophy, Not Just A Name

Back To Bliss strives to help all of us clear these stains from our being so that we can connect with our own potentials. When you can connect with the deepest parts of yourself you come to realize that your happiness does come from deep within you. Happiness does NOT rely on any external source.  By cleansing these stains, we allow the intrinsic lights of the deeper sheaths to shine outwards into the present moment where we can experience them.  The fact that we lose connection with those parts of us is the reason for our disconnection with bliss.  Back To Bliss strives to help you reconnect with the experience of living with access to all of our potentials. Hence it is back to bliss, because bliss was yours and continues to be yours.  You have just dimmed the lights and need a bit of help shining things up again.

The details of how to cleanse the sheaths are wrapped up within the expertise of Back To Bliss’ programming and service offerings.  And while we offer all of our services, classes, and products without pressure to all, those interested in deeper benefits will find them as they learn more and continue to practice regular wellness disciplines.

The best way to get started on learning more ways to live joyfully at Back To Bliss is to attend our Journey Of Wellness free class series held once a month. Over the course of our 12 monthly classes you will learn our philosophies and many practical ways to bring a little more bliss into your life.

Be Well,

Monica & Josiah Groth – Owners

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