Tuesday is Senior Discount Day

Back To Bliss is more than your regular spa and salon.  We have a mission of wellness and community support that spans all we do.  Our high quality services and toxin free products are the foundation of that mission. It is how we connect, teach, and serve.  By offering targeted discount programs we are able to support our community as a whole and provide healthy and affordable services to those who need it most. We are pleased to begin offering Senior Discounts every Tuesday. We hope this helps keep regular wellness visits affordable for all the seniors in our community. Maintaining regular massage, nail, and beauty care is an important part of health and self esteem.

Starting August 1st, 2015: every Tuesday will be senior discount day at Back To Bliss.

The offer will be good for 10% off all services on Tuesdays at all locations. To qualify, you must be 60 years or older. To take advantage of this offer, simply ask for the senior citizen discount when you check out. The discount will be automatically applied at the register.

Back To Bliss does not allow double discounting, so no other discounts or promotional gift certificates can be used when taking advantage of this offer.


Our Other Community Support Offerings:

Annual Gift Certificate Sale: Take deep discounts for yourself to extend your ability to receive healthy alternatives for products and services.  This once a year sale also offers 35% off discounts for you to give the gift of wellness to those you love. By offering such deep discounts you can support the health and happiness of YOUR community of family and friends. Our Annual Sale is the 3rd Sunday of October every year.

Pregnancy Massage Discounts: During this most precious of times for growth and development of our next generation, we offer pregnancy massage for 20% lower than any of our regular massage rates.  This discount is for the entire term of your pregnancy and is always available to all expectant mothers.

Senior Citizens Discount Day: Helping those with more of a fixed income during the time of life when medical expenses and body aches and pains are growing is the goal.  Every Tuesday, seniors 60+ can take advantage of this offer.

Free Journey Of Wellness Program: Learn wellness practices and philosophies that help you take control of your life. Based on eastern and western philosophies and research, this free monthly program offers practical tips and access to proven ways to stay happier and healthier.



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