2015 Race To Wellness

This event ends on July 17th, 2015


Back to Bliss’s 2nd Annual Race to Wellness

Our race is a “amazing race” styled event.

The course is 3.1miles or 5k and will be a series of clues, challenges, and trivia questions along the way.  The first group to finish with all pieces of the puzzle will receive a mini spa party(to be redeemed within 3 months)


Working in teams of three, you can test your mind, body, and spirit with Back to Bliss’s 2nd annual Race to Wellness.  During this “amazing race” style 5k, you will be be given clues to the location, where a challenge and a question must be completed in order to receive the next clue and move on.    After after completing all of the clues and collecting all of the puzzle pieces you win.  Everyone who completes the course will receive 500 Wellness points.

You are able to take different paths as long as you meet at the right location.


Date:   July 17th, 2015

Pre-Registration:  We will be accepting pre-registration starting july 1st.  Download and return RTW_Release2015 to pre-register

Time:  The race begins @ 6pm.  Starting line will be in front of Colby City Hall

Day-Of Registration:  Will be at the starting line and will open at 5:30 pm before the race.

Fee: This is a free event.

Download our RTW_Flyer2015 here, or share this blog post to your social media profiles to gather members for your team!





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