What Is Qigong?

What is qigong?  Qi-(pronounced chee) means energy, air, or breath, vitality, or universal life force of life.  Gong – means to work, use, practice, transform, cultivate or refine.  Qigong is the study of energy, and since everything is a form of energy, qigong is a study of the whole universe including physics, chemistry, psychology, biology, astrology, electricity, and medicine.  Put it simply, qigong means using vital life energy to create a healthy mind and body.

Master Chunyi Lin, founder of Spring Forest Qiqong.  He established the program in 1994 before arriving in the United States from China.  He teaches the accredited program at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minnesota, where he serves as program director and lead instructor.  He earned his master’s degree in Human Development-Holistic Health and Wellness from St. Mary’s University, Minneapolis.  Skilled as an acupuncturist, he also works with Chinese herbs and Tai Chi.

Qigong teaches you to use your mind, body and spirit together to unblock energy and balance yin and yang energy in the body.

We are formed by two kinds of energy (Qi)-yin and yang.  Yin represents something female, passive, and spiritual; yang represents something male, active, and physical.  Two examples are men and women.  Woman is yin-water, earth, and spiritual life.  Man is yang- fire, sky, and physical body.

Qi must be in a good balance, otherwise a imbalance will take place, causing an energy blockage.  When there is a blockage, we feel symptoms in the physical body.  That is called sickness.  Colds, arthritis, and tumors are imbalance symptoms of the physical body, of too much yin or yang.

Energy blockages prevent the flow of energy from running freely in our channels.  These channels help keep the body functioning.  We have twelve main channels and eight reservoir channels.  Each channel has its own purpose.  The main channels carry energy to where the body needs it.  Extra energy in the main channel then goes to the reservoir channel.  So when the main channel runs low the body taps into the reservoir channel.

When we feel sick, that is a blockage in the main or reservoir channels.  Energy blockage prevents the body from functioning to full potential.  So you have to remove blockages and open channels, to balance the yin and yang energy.

Taking medicine can help remove blockages and open channels.  Medicine is considered a passive way to heal the body.  But with medicine there are possible side effects.  There is a active way to heal the body, which is exercise.  It is also a good preventive method to help the body. Qigong teaches you to use your mind, body and spirit together to unblock energy and balance yin and yang energy in the body.

In China, Qigong healing techniques have been very complex and difficult to learn, but Master Chunyi Lin has simplified and revised Qigong principles and movements to they are easy to learn and fit into our lives.  Spring Forest Qigong is a simple but powerful form of Qigong.

There are four elements to Spring Forest Qigong:

  1. Mind/visualization
  2. Breathing
  3. Posture & body movements
  4. Sound

There are three principles to practice Spring Forest Qigong:

  1. Go into the emptiness
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Use your consciousness

Learning specific Spring Forest Qigong exercises and meditations will help you have abundant energy, heal your body, and feel better.

Carrie trained at Northwestern Health Science University in Bloomington Minnesota, with Master Chunyi Lin.  Level one & two were covered in the weekend program.  Check out our online class schedule for upcoming Qigong classes.

Written by Team Blogger and Spring Forest Qi Gong Instructor – Carrie Schug

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